Queen Elizabeth Uses Surprising Emoji in Birthday Tribute to Great-Grandson, Prince Louis

Only two days after Her Majesty celebrated her 95th birthday, the royal family is marking another special occasion—and with a rarely used emoji.

Today marks Prince Louis's third birthday and to commemorate the milestone, Queen Elizabeth shared a brand-new photo of her great-grandson, who already looks so grown up. The caption reads, "Wishing Prince Louis a very happy third birthday today," along with a fun bicycle emoji.

It continues, "Taken earlier this week by The Duchess before he left for his first day of nursery, The Duke and Duchess are pleased to share a new image of Prince Louis. [balloon emoji]"

In the pic, Louis smiles from ear to ear as he poses on his red Frog 40 Kids' Bike. And for his first day at London's Willcocks Nursery School, he's seen wearing a navy blue school uniform and a matching backpack.

As we've seen with previous Instagram posts, the queen occasionally uses balloon emojis in her birthday captions, but it looks like the royal matriarch is switching things up with the bicycle this time around. If you recall, in 2020, Her Majesty added fun emojis while wishing Prince Louis a happy second birthday on Instagram. The caption read, "Happy Birthday to Prince Louis who is celebrating his second birthday today [balloon emoji]. Prince Louis is The Queen’s sixth great-grandchild. These [pictures]s were taken by The Duchess of Cambridge earlier this month."

Also, last year, the queen used birthday-themed emojis while marking Princess Charlotte's fifth birthday in May and Prince George's seventh birthday in July.

Wishing Prince Louis a fabulous (bike-ride-filled) day today.

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