Kate Middleton Just Showed Off Sweet Family Photos on Zoom—and One of Them Was Instantly Recognizable

Kate Middleton is honoring one of the winners of her popular Hold Still photo project (while simultaneously giving us a peek at some sweet family photos).

Earlier this month, the Duchess of Cambridge chatted via video with the artist behind one of the most famous images—Johannah Churchill, who captured her colleague Melanie as she worked to set up a COVID clinic in London. The image is currently displayed in a huge mural in Manchester, northwest England.

During her conversation with Churchill, the 38-year-old royal talked about the important role the photograph has played in helping to represent the experiences of frontline workers across the nation as they continue to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak.

“It has become such an iconic portrait that represents a lot of what frontline workers have experienced and what those of you across the U.K. have put your lives on the line in looking after all of us this year.”

She continued, “It certainly touched us in terms of the judging panel. We felt it was a hugely moving image." She added, "I think it has like you say, it’s really resonated with lots of the public too.”

While Kensington Palace shared only a small portion of the entire conversation, we couldn’t help but notice the photographs on display over the duchess’s right shoulder. However, we were only able to make out one of the three images, featuring Middleton and Prince Louis during their visit to the RHS Back to Nature Garden at the #ChelseaFlowerShow in 2019. Ya know, the one where the small prince is rocking his big brother’s hand-me-down garden overalls.

Kate, if you’re reading this, next time can we get a closer look at those other two images?

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