Kate Middleton & Prince William Just Shared 2 Brand-New Pics of the Kids—& Louis Is Getting *Huge*

Welp, we finally have an explanation for that super bizarre photo Prince William shared on Instagram this week.

ICYMI, on Friday, the Duke of Cambridge, 38, posted a strange photo on the joint Instagram account he shares with his wife, Kate Middleton. The pic features two directors’ chairs, reading “Prince William” and “Sir David.” (The latter is referring to the renowned English broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough.) And now we know why.

On Saturday, Prince William and Middleton, 38, posted three brand-new photos on their Kensington Palace social media handle—two of which feature their kids.

In the first pic of the slideshow, William and Middleton can be seen smiling with Prince George (6), Princess Charlotte (5) and Prince Louis (2) playing around them. Is it just us, or is Louis already getting huge?! And, of course, they are joined by Attenborough.

The next never-before-seen pic features Will and his two sons sitting on a bench, with George holding a shark tooth (more on that later). And finally, the slideshow concludes with Attenborough and the duke sitting in their respective chairs (from the bizarre Friday post) watching Sir David on screen.

Kensington Palace captioned the photos, "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to share new photographs of their family with @DavidAttenborough."

"The photographs were taken earlier this week in the gardens of Kensington Palace, after The Duke and Sir David attended an outdoor screening of Sir David’s upcoming feature film ‘David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet’."

The caption went on to describe their shared passion for fighting to save the environment. It concluded with a story: "When they met, Sir David gave Prince George a tooth from a giant shark the scientific name of which is carcharocles megalodon (‘big tooth’). Sir David found the tooth on a family holiday to Malta in the late 1960s, embedded in the island’s soft yellow limestone which was laid down during the Miocene period some 23 million years ago. Carcharocles is believed to have grown to 15 metres in length, which is about twice the length of the Great White, the largest shark alive today."

We obviously love any chance to get new pics of the royal kids, so keep 'em coming, Will & Kate!

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