Prince George, Princess Charlotte & Prince Louis Have Some Major Plans for Christmas with Grandma Middleton

Christmas may be looking a bit different this year for the Cambridge clan, but they have one major event to look forward to with their Grandma Middleton.

To keep with their holiday tradition, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will take part in a virtual tree decorating with Kate Middleton’s side of the family, according to the Duchess of Cambridge’s mother Carole.

“We may not be able to get together but, after a year like 2020, we need to remember what’s really important this Christmas,” Middleton wrote in an Instagram caption to promote her Party Pieces company. “For me, what really matters is that my family feels connected. I normally let my grandchildren help me decorate the tree. This year, I’ll ask them by video call to decide which decoration should go where. It may need to be tastefully rearranged later…!”

And that’s not the only tree the three children decorate for the holiday. Queen Elizabeth previously revealed in a documentary, called The Queen’s Green Planet, that they also assist in adorning her tree.

When Neil Turner, a senior castle attendant, told the queen that he slaved over the perfectly decorated tree, she responded, “Yes, that is always the problem, is the children love knocking those [decorations] off. And the great thing is to make them decorate it, and they’re a bit more careful.”

The good thing about doing things virtually? The kids can’t virtually knock over the decorations.