Kate Middleton Reveals Prince Louis’s Favorite Song Is…‘Happy Birthday’!?

prince louis favorite song

Kate Middleton is opening up about her youngest child, Prince Louis, claiming the 1-year-old is a fan of the classics. (Well, sorta.)

Yesterday, the Duchess of Cambridge, 38, hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace honoring the 25th anniversary of Place2Be. While there, Middleton chatted with two school choirs and learned that a few of the children were celebrating birthdays.

The duchess proceeded to reveal that “Happy Birthday” is “one of Louis’s favorite songs,” according to People magazine. Middleton also said that Prince Louis was already “tucked up in bed,” which is why he didn’t attend the choir performance.

Sure, it’s not every day you hear someone call “Happy Birthday” a “favorite,” but there are two things to keep in mind. First, Prince Louis is only 1 (almost 2) years old, so we highly doubt he’s been introduced to a wide array of music—other than that one time when he got to eat cake and open presents while everyone sang the classic tune. (Well played, Louis.)

And second, he’s royal. So, if Prince Louis wants to hum “Happy Birthday” on any given day of the year, we highly doubt anyone would stop him.

The only time it could become a problem is when they’re celebrating the birthdays of his two siblings, Prince George (6) and Princess Charlotte (4). As long as Prince Louis focuses on the song and not blowing out the candles, the Cambridge clan will be one step closer to avoiding any tantrums.

Note to self: Add “Happy Birthday” to our royal-themed playlist on Spotify.

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