Why the Oscars Red Carpet Isn’t Red Tonight—and Why the New Color Maybe ‘Wasn’t the Best Choice’

The Academy is switching things up for the 95th annual Oscar Awards by rolling out a red, er, we mean champagne-colored carpet.

Tonight, Hollywood’s biggest stars will gather in Los Angeles for the 2023 awards show. Now that the arrivals have begun, fans may be wondering why the “red carpet” isn’t red. Instead, it’s champagne.

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Lisa Love (a creative consultant for the Oscars, Meta Gala, etc.) revealed that the Academy considered multiple color options—including “chocolate brown.” However, they chose champagne because it’s calming and goes with everything.

“The sienna-color tent and champagne-colored carpet was inspired by watching the sunset on a white-sand beach at the ‘golden hour’ with a glass of champagne in hand, evoking calm and peacefulness,” she said, according to New York Times.

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Love admitted that there’s one major problem with the champagne carpet: It will show flaws, unlike darker colors. “It will probably get dirty—maybe it wasn’t the best choice,” she said. “We’ll see!”

Jimmy Kimmel (who’s hosting the awards show) also joked about the new color. “I think the decision to go with a champagne carpet rather than a red carpet shows just how confident we are that no blood will be shed,” he said.

Per NYT, Steve Olive (the president of Event Carpet Pros) learned about the color change just 45 days ago. He put in a rush order of the 50,000-foot carpet, which was manufactured in Georgia and took about a week to ship across the U.S.

Who knew the carpet was such a big deal?

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