7 Things You Should Never Ask a December Baby

Every December baby is all too familiar with the struggle that accompanies being born during the holidays. You see, December is the busiest time of year, since it’s smack dab between Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s.

As someone who was born on the 16th, I’ve experienced countless years of being overly sensitive about this issue. While I originally came to the conclusion that December babies were doomed from the start, I’ve since learned that it’s best to be upfront about what is (and isn’t) acceptable.

So, if you want to avoid the mistake of wrapping your friend’s birthday gift in holiday-themed paper (Don’t. Do. It.), keep reading for a list of seven things you should never ask a December baby…ever.


1. "did Your Parents Dress You Up As An Elf/reindeer/santa?"

No, Karen. Not everything is about you and your love of the holidays.


2. "can I Wrap Your Birthday Gift In Holiday-themed Paper?"

While it sounds like a dumb question, it actually happens. And no. No, you can’t.


3. "how About A Combined Birthday/christmas Gift?"

I understand that it’s easy to group these two together when they fall so close. Still, no one would ever say this to an April baby. Think about it.


4. "can We Wait To Celebrate Until It's Warmer?"

Yes, this has actually happened. And yes, I caved and had a joint pool party in June with my best friend, who was actually born in the summer.


5. "can We Just Sing 'happy Birthday' When We See You At Christmas?"

Translation: You’re too lazy busy to hang out with me twice.


6. "who Plans A Birthday Party In Mid December?"

It’s not weird timing when it’s your birthday.


7. "so, You Have To Wait An *entire* Year To Receive Presents Again?"

Well, it’s the only thing I’ve ever known. But now that you mention it, that half-birthday celebration is looking more and more ideal. (Presents required.)