Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ Gets Renewed for a Third Season

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

School is about to be back in session for our fave Netflix comedy.

Sex Education just got renewed for a third season and we're already marking our calendars. The streaming service broke the news on social media with an odd video featuring headmaster Michael Groff (played by Alistair Petrie).

"Hello there, I'm Alistair Petrie, also known as Principal Groff. But today I'm going to be an art historian, as we examine this exquisite gallery," he mentioned in the video as he went pointing out art pieces of the main characters like Otis, Maeve and Jean, to name a few.

Honestly, we're not surprised by the news. Since it aired its second season last month, Netflix has seen over 40 million subscribers watching the series. Sex Education follows teen Otis Milburn as he offers sex advice to other high schoolers, opening the discussion around consent, LGBTQ visibility and STDs, among other large issues.

"I love writing these characters," said writer and creator Laurie Nunn to LADBible. "It's such a big ensemble and I think the theme of the show—in terms of it being about sex and relationships—it really just offers up endless story opportunities. I think the show definitely has legs if Netflix are nice enough to let me keep writing it and let Ben [Taylor] keep directing it!"

Last season, we were left with a ton of cliffhangers. Are Otis and Maeve going to be OK? What about Adam and Eric? Um, hello Jean's pregnancy?? We need answers, Netflix.

There's no official air date yet, but chances are we'll be waiting until 2021 for a new season. This gives newbies plenty of time to catch up and super SE fans time to rewatch it all over again. (Fingers crossed for more than 8 episodes.)

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