Um, Meryl Streep Is Wearing Fake Teeth in ‘Big Little Lies.’ Here’s Why.

meryl streep big little lies season 2

If Meryl Streep (Mary Louise Wright) doesn’t quite look like herself in season two of Big Little Lies, it’s probably because she’s sporting a set of fake teeth.

BLL executive producer Gregg Fienberg recently sat down for an interview with Page Six and revealed that Streep insisted on wearing the accessory. “It was Meryl’s brilliant idea,” he said.

So, why did Streep wear fake teeth? It all came down to looking more like her on-screen son, the late Perry (Alexander Skarsgård). “She is his mother, after all,” Fienberg added.

The executive producer isn’t the only person to discuss Streep’s pearly whites. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Kathryn Newton (Abigail Carlson) also confirmed that Streep took the character to an entirely new level. “I was blown away by her dedication as an actor. She made teeth for the role,” she said. “She got them made. Like, she didn’t ask anybody. She just did it.”

The prosthetic was made by Chris Lyons, who is known as “Hollywood’s tooth fairy.” “Because I’ve worked with [Meryl] so many times, she can just telephone and order up and I can make them and ship them out and I know they’re going to fit,” he said. “She knows they’re going to fit and there’s absolutely zero panic.”

BRB, re-watching episode one to study Meryl’s teeth…

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