EXCLUSIVE: Kristen Bell’s Mom Confession Is Pure Gold

Good cop vs. bad cop. Fun parent vs. disciplinarian. The indulgent parent vs. the healthy one. However you label it, there’s one of each in every family. In Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s household, you might imagine you have them pegged. Shepard is so affable and goofy it’s easy to imagine him sneaking their daughters Lincoln (6) and Delta (4) candy on the sly. But that’s where you’d be surprisingly wrong.

PureWow recently sat down with Bell to chat about parenthood, Veronica Mars and her Game of Thrones predictions at an event for the American Express Blue Cash Preferred card (it gives you cash-back on groceries, even junk food, streaming subscriptions and more). Seeing that Bell taught us the “hands on the circle” kid safety hack and introduced us to the Marco Polo app, we assumed she’d be, well, the strict parent. Instead, she shared a very relatable mom confession.

“I am definitely the parent who gives the most candy, which is so ironic because I’m also a health nut,” Bell admitted.

She went on to explain that even though she’s the parent most likely to give her kids a sugar high, she does find a healthy balance. Bell explained, “My husband will come home eating a bag of really unhealthy potato chips and never give them any chocolate. And I’m slowly noshing on broccoli and preparing celery, and I’m like, ‘Take this chocolate.’ It’s weird.”

On a roll, Bell shared another mom confession that we have to admit is kind of genius. “I have told them the wrong dates for their birthday. When it’s convenient for me to celebrate, then it’s your birthday, girls. So, sorry,” she laughed.

We’re gonna go ahead and save that one for later.

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