Kristen Bell Swears by This Technique for Weeding Through the Chorus of Opinions When You Become a Mom

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Every new mom can relate: The information onslaught when you become a parent is not for the faint of heart. So how does mom of two Kristen Bell handle the overload?

We caught up with Bell, who was in New York City with her husband, Dax Shepard, at an exclusive event to promote the launch of their new baby line Hello Bello, and had the chance to ask. 

Bell says first and foremost, she's the late-night Googling queen. She loves conducting her own research and has a strict set of guidelines for weeding through the volume of content online. “I lean on websites that have a .gov or a .org in the URL first,” she says. 

But that's not all. Bell takes it a step further and vets the information she finds online with a close circle of mom friends who help her put everything in context. She'll ask in person, send a group text, whatever works to get the insight she needs. Yes, it's a lot of opinions, but as with most mom advice, she explains it's the practical application that counts the most.

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