Kelly Ripa Claps Back at Unsolicited Feedback on Her Hair: ‘I Didn't Ask You’

Kelly Ripa has rocked a number of gorgeous hairstyles throughout the years, whether she's touting wavy tresses, middle parts or bright blue streaks. But while Ripa loves to change up her look, she recently revealed that fans often give unsolicited comments about her hair.

As reported by Good Housekeeping, the 51-year-old star discussed the matter on an episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan. During a segment where her co-host, Ryan Seacrest, was talking about growing out his ’do for the Oscars, Ripa asked him if he got the same commentary from fans that she did. Ripa said, “People weigh in on my hair in a way, it’s like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, I didn't ask you.’”

Seacrest believed she was solely talking about users on the internet, and said, “I thought you meant at the store, like, do people come and weigh in?” But Ripa corrected him, saying, “No, people do! They come up in the store and they’re like, ‘I like your hair this length.’” To which Ripa usually just gives them a thumbs up and walks away.

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Ripa added that she will sometimes say something back, like, “I have no comparison for your hair, but I assume it looks pretty great every day.”

At this moment, Live executive producer Michael Gelman popped in to say that many times, when viewers write in to the show, they are making comments about the co-hosts’ hairstyles. “The height of your hair, what your hair looks like, what you should do with your hair—both of you,” he said.

Luckily, the hosts don't let it get to them, especially Ripa. During a recent, remote airing of Live, Ripa switched up her hair and revealed that the pulled-back ’do was the result of not washing it. “Dirty hair, don't care,” she proudly proclaimed. “Thank you.”

We love you no matter what locks you're rocking, Kelly.

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