Kelly Ripa Shares Rare Baby Pics on ‘Live’ (& OMG, That Disney Outfit)

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos celebrated the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World on Live with Kelly and Ryan this week. Naturally, they shared a variety of photos and videos from their time at the infamous park.

“I went there for the first time when I was three years old. You’ve been there, right?” Ripa asked in a video shared on the Live IG account. “We brought our own kids there over the years. We’ve done the show there. Here are some of my favorite memories from Disney world.”

The video collage featured footage of Ripa and Consuelos bringing their three kids to the park for the holidays and meeting Disney characters like Chip and Dale, as well as footage of Ripa interviewing kids on the new ride the Triceratops Spin.

However, there was one moment in particular that stood out to us. At approximately the one-minute and 45-second mark, we see a throwback image of a young Ripa (we’re guessing during her first visit) smiling next to her mom and Goofy. The shot shows the TV host rocking a pair of green patterned pants and a red fuzzy poncho with a hood. A few seconds later, we saw another photo from the day, featuring Ripa’s mom, sister (who was sporting a similar ensemble) and grandma.

While the look was eye-catching, to say the least, we also imagine it had to be pretty toasty to wear in Florida. But hey, we’ve all made sacrifices for fashion.

More throwback pics, please.

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