Kaley Cuoco Just Revealed a Second Instagram Account and We’ve Never Hit ‘Follow’ So Fast

Kaley Cuoco has a new Instagram account (kinda), and it's the cutest one we've followed in a while. The actress, 34, just debuted an account for her adorable dog, Dump Truck (aka Dumpy).

On her own account, Cuoco posted a photo with Dumpy along with the caption, "It happened. I’m that person . Go follow @dumps_does_ny !"

According to Dumpy's bio, "I’m a tiny rescued senior whose life changed over night! My mom is @kaleycuoco, she never misses a moment to document hilarious adventures!"

In case you were wondering, the 'NY' part of the handle refers to the city where the California-native has been living part-time while filming her latest project The Flight Attendant.

So what kind of social media presence does Dumpy have? One that's equal parts charming and silly.

A recent post featured Dumpy and mom Kaley in an airport with the caption, "I slept for about 2 hours, woke up, mom gave me a bite of something of delish, fell back asleep, woke up again and stared at her for the final hour decent. I’m basically the perfect traveler."

This isn't the first time we've fawned over Cuoco's Instagram. A few days ago, she shared a video of herself and her sister, Briana (or “Bri”), that made us do a double take. The sisters discussed everything from their relationship to The Flight Attendant. While we’re admittedly excited about the HBO Max series, we can’t get over how much the Cuoco girls look alike.

Our IG feed just got a whole lot better.

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