Watch Jennifer Garner Take On Raspberry Preserves in a New Episode of ‘Pretend Cooking Show’

In the latest installment of 'Pretend Cooking Show,' Jennifer Garner is trying her hand at homemade raspberry preserves and channeling Ina Garten in the process.

The 47-year-old beekeeper and bagel-maker posted a short video on Instagram documenting the, um, experiment. “I don't know if you're supposed to rinse them,” she says. (Spoiler: You're not.)

Any jam-making words of wisdom to take away? Well, Garner emphasizes in the video that the most important thing is to not let the mixture burn. “If this burns, you have to throw it out,” she says as she makes scrambled eggs next to the pot of boiling berry lava.

But never fear. Nothing burned, everything turned out OK in the end, and Garner shared a poem with her post as an ode to the condiment: “It is easy to make and heaven to serve, summertime tastes like a berry preserve. Kids home from camp with bellies to feed, a wee bit of time is all that you need. Well, plus raspberries. And sugar helps, too. Annnnnnd this easy recipe from @zoenathanloeb.”

She also shared this recipe for the preserves in the caption, which comes from Huckleberry by Zoe Nathan of Huckleberry Bakery and Café in Santa Monica, California. Of course, Garner took some liberties by adding blueberries, and even threw in a shout-out to her majesty Ina Garten in the instructions. "If you have framboise splash a little in for depth of flavor— hi, @inagarten!”

What's next? Homemade English muffins?