Jennifer Garner Takes on Bagel Making in New ‘Pretend Cooking Show’ Episode

Jennifer Garner’s latest cooking adventure includes homemade bagels, and they look surprisingly doable.

The 47-year-old actress just debuted an all-new segment of Pretend Cooking Show. Garner shared a video of the episode on Instagram and warned in the caption that it doesn’t always turn out as planned: “You win some, you lose some. I squeaked out a W today.” 

In the episode, Garner reveals that she made a “puffy starter” dough the night before, since it needs to rest for several hours. After waking up at the crack of dawn, the actress tries (and fails) to keep quiet as she mixes the ingredients until they form a “stiff but not dry dough.”

Garner goes on to reveal that she may have overestimated her bagel-making skills, saying, “The last time I tried to double my bagel recipe, it was a disaster, and I decided I wouldn’t do that anymore,” she says. “And then last night I got cocky, and I doubled the starter.”

Nevertheless, the Alias alum kneads the dough and puts it in the oven—but not before giving the bagels a few words of encouragement: “My heart’s beating fast. I hope I didn’t screw you up, buddy.”

After shaping the dough, Garner puts the bagels back in the oven and sings “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music while they bake…and it works.

Note to self: Never ask Siri how to proof an oven.


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