The Latest Episode of Jennifer Garner’s ‘Pretend Cooking Show’ Is Turning Us Into Morning People

We never thought we’d say this, but Jennifer Garner might just be the next Ina Garten. In her Instagram series “Pretend Cooking Show,” she’s whipped up chocolate cake, fish sticks and salad—with a healthy side of funny, self-deprecating commentary.  

In her latest episode, she makes a big batch of warm apple oatmeal and quotes the queen herself in the caption: “@inagarten says the trick to learning how to cook is finding something you eat and making it over and over again—maybe this time try half water/half almond milk? Or instead of brown sugar drizzle some maple syrup?”

As it turns out, Garner and Garten became friends several years ago when the Barefoot Contessa host learned of Garner’s, er, obsession with her. It’s our humble opinion that Ina would love this video as much as we do.

Before getting to work, Garner mentions that the Taste of Home recipe Oh-So-Good Oatmeal is her favorite winter oatmeal. While prepping apples, she dramatically whistles, then offers her apple peels to everyone in the house (no one wants them). She pauses briefly to gnaw an apple core before mixing together the apples, old-fashioned oats, salt, brown sugar and ground cinnamon.

To be honest, Garner’s chipper morning attitude is downright contagious. We’re almost tempted to set our alarm clocks 20 minutes earlier tomorrow morning and cook up some Oh-So-Good Oatmeal ourselves. Almost.

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