Heres What Ina Garten Really Thinks of Jennifer Garners ‘Pretend Cooking Show’
Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images & Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Listen up, Barefoot Contessa fans! Ina Garten is sharing her expert opinion on Jennifer Garner’s “Pretend Cooking Show,” and it has potential co-host written all over it.

In a recent interview, Garten discussed the actress’s hilarious cooking series and revealed that she totally supports her culinary dreams. She said, “I love her videos so much. She is adorable and smart and not at all performing—that’s just who she is. I just think she’s really special.”

As it turns out, the pair became friends three years ago when the Barefoot Contessa host learned of Garner’s, er, obsession with her. She added, “Somewhere along the line I found out that she liked my cookbooks and my TV show, so I asked if we could cook together.”

The “Garten-Garner Cooking Show” has an awfully nice ring to it, don’t ya think?

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