Introducing Jennifer Garner, Professional Beekeeper and Champion of Bees

She camps, she bakes, she gets friendly with Ina Garten—who knew Jennifer Garner was also into, uh, bees?

Decked out in a full beekeeper’s suit (hat and protective face netting included), the actor took one for the team and palled around with the bees and urban beekeeping nonprofit Honey Love to bring awareness to the importance of everyone's favorite pollinators.

"Treat your neighborhood bees with love and respect," she preached to the camera, posting a short video on her Instagram account. This isn't the first time, though: Last spring, she was sharing "honey porn" on the same platform.

Garner explained everything in the caption, saying, “Without BEES we have no blueberries, no almonds, no coffee, no chocolate, no wine. (Well, TBH—grapes are wind pollinated—but bees are essential for the health of vineyards!) One out of three things we eat has been pollinated by bees, so let’s keep our bees healthy and happy!” We don't want to live in a world without coffee…or wine, for that matter. Go, on Jenn.

She continued with some actionable tips for being (heh) more bee-friendly, “Avoid using pesticides; plant bee-friendly flowers; bees need water—put out a little dish of water or a birdbath next to your flowers and watch your friendly neighborhood bees stop for a sip,” Garner said. We’re no professionals, but we like the way that sounds. Also, bees need water? We never knew.

Cool, so…she's befriended both Ina Garten and bees. Is there anything this woman can’t do? 


Senior Food Editor

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