Jennifer Garner Does Battle with a Sleeping Bag…and Nearly Loses

Jennifer Garner may have starred in a show called Camping, but that doesn’t make actual camping any easier, apparently.

The 47-year-old actor posted video evidence of her close call with a sleeping bag over Memorial Day weekend, and it made us feel so much better about our own Girl Scouting skills (or lack thereof).

In the Instagram clip, Garner is seen wrestling to put a puffy sleeping bag back inside its “convenient” attached carrying case. If you’ve ever attempted the task yourself, you know it’s an uphill battle. Like, why is the case attached to the middle of the sleeping bag and not the end? And why must it be so small, damnit! For Garner, it’s touch and go: At one point, she takes off her sweater and really gets down to business. Spoiler, she eventually succeeds and puts the sleeping bag in its place, literally.

Garner captioned the post, “Allow my tutorial to enhance this weekend’s glampout. #girlscouts #wheresmybadge #competent.” If you check the comments, you can see that the official Girl Scouts Instagram account left some words of encouragement, responding, “Best “tutorial” we’ve EVER seen—and we’re living for that victorious “YES” at the end!”

Hey, no one said the great outdoors were a walk in the park. Although, whoever invented glamping should come up with a better alternative to sleeping bags.

Katherine Gillen

Senior Food Editor

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