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‘Camping’ Stars Share What It was Really Like Working with Jennifer Garner
Anne Marie Fox/HBO

Between her “Pretend Cooking Show” and candid stories about getting lost at sea on a kayak, Jennifer Garner seems like someone we’d like to split a bottle of pinot with. Her Camping character Kathryn, on the other hand, wouldn’t be our first choice for happy hour.

So we couldn’t help but wonder when we sat down with the cast of the new HBO series: What’s it like working with Garner? Well, according to her co-stars, it’s just as pleasant as expected.

Bridget Everett, who plays Harry on the show, says, “Jen is so seasoned she makes you feel comfortable. Sometimes you work with somebody famous or well-known and they let you feel that. There was none of that.”

But that wasn’t all. Everett says Garner even asked for her phone number and texted her after watching the first two episodes. “She knew how nervous I was in the beginning,” the comedienne said. “She didn’t need to, but she wrote me and said, ‘I just saw the first two episodes and I think you’re going to be so proud of what you did. I think you’re so wonderful.’”

Ione Skye, who plays Carleen, had a similarly grounded experience with Garner. She explained, “When you show up, there’s Jen Garner and Juliette Lewis and [you wonder], ‘How neurotic is everybody?’ But everyone was just great, professional, everyone ticked off every box. We all as women were just rooting for each other in a quiet gentle way.” 

It’s a sentiment the show’s co-scribe and executive producer, Jenni Konner, also agrees with. As she tells PureWow, “The gift of this show is meeting her. No matter what happens, I got that. And we’ve had a really fun time together.” 

In a nutshell, Jennifer Garner is as lovely as expected. Camping premieres this Sunday, October 14, on HBO at 10:30 p.m.

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