Wait, Did Jennifer Aniston Just Accidentally Reveal a ‘Morning Show’ Season 3?

Jennifer Aniston is bidding farewell to The Morning Show. Or least, "for now."

Like Reese Witherspoon, the 52-year-old actress marked the end of season two with a special Instagram post, featuring snaps from the set of the AppleTV+ series. And judging by her caption, we just might be seeing more of Alex Levy in season three.

Aniston wrote, "Goodbye for now to my @themorningshow family. We made it. Crawled to the finish line… and I could not be prouder of each and every one of these extraordinary actors, a crew that you can only dream of, and directors that held my hand on quite a wild journey of emotions… to say the least. Thank you guys for being part of the ride. That’s a wrap, baby!"

Notice how her caption starts off with "Goodbye for now," which suggests that there's plenty more drama to come. But then she also references "the finish line," which seems to imply the opposite with a tone of finality.

Remember, Apple has yet to confirm another season of the show. But all hope isn't lost just yet, because executive producer Kerry Ehrin already has some ideas for where the show could go in season three. While chatting with Deadline, she revealed that there would most likely be a time jump, adding that she'd love to see more growth in Alex's character.

She said, "I definitely want to see more of Bradley and Laura. I feel like Alex has come to a place for the first time since the pilot of accepting who she is and facing her worst fears, and I want to see how the phoenix rises from the ashes for her, and learning how to have a full life and be present and loving."

Here's hoping Alex will be making a comeback sooner rather than later.

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