Billie Lourd Wore a Princess Leia Headband to Pay Tribute to Her Late Mom

Billie Lourd just took a trip to Disneyland, making a tribute to her late mom along the way.

The Scream Queens actress visited the theme park with her friends, where they all sported different basketball jerseys. However, there was one aspect of Lourd's attire that stuck out the most: her headband.

The 28-year-old actress was seen wearing a headband with buns attached that mirror the same style worn by her mom, Carrie Fisher, in the Star Wars movies. The reference to her mother's iconic role was shared with a caption full of hashtags that said: “#specialmoment #meatsweats #jerseyshore #riseoftheresistance #isthebestrideever #ohandofcourse #soarin #isaclosesecond #DISNEYLAND4EVER.”

In the slideshow, Lourd is seen happily jumping in front of a painted mural that says “Spark a Special Moment,” as well as riding rollercoasters and exploring the park with her friends.

But the Princess Leia hair buns weren't the only Star Wars reference in the post. The group made sure to visit some attractions based around the sci-fi universe and Lourd even captured a selfie with a couple of stormtroopers.

Fans couldn't get over Lourd's tribute to her mom's character, and one user commented, “The Leia ears, I am not okay. [crying emoji]. glad you are at your happy place! Come to Disney world sometime too!”

In addition to making tributes to her mom, Lourd welcomed her own child back in September, with a post that said: “Introducing: Kingston Fisher Lourd Rydell.” Even though the newborn is only a few months old, the actress has already started exposing him to her mom's work. Back in May, she shared a photo of Kingston watching his grandmother perform in the Star Wars movies on Lourd's laptop.

We love that she's keeping her mother's spirit alive.

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