Beware, ‘AHS’ Fans: Billie Lourd Says ‘1984’ Is Seriously Gory

Billie Lourd just revealed that American Horror Story: 1984 is so scary, she has to calm herself down with Toto’s “Africa” on a daily basis.

The 27-year-old actress appeared on a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she discussed the upcoming season of the FX anthology series. Although she didn’t spill too much, Lourd admitted that it’s much “gorier” than past seasons.

“This one is even gorier than it ever has been before, so I need to sing ‘Africa’ literally every day all day because it’s terrifying constantly,” she said.

When asked about the story line, Lourd went on to explain that it begins with a group of friends turned camp counselors.

“It’s set outside of L.A., so me and a bunch of my camp counselor friends: Gus Kenworthy—the epic skier, I’m in love with him—Cody Fern, Matthew Morrison from Glee, Leslie Grossman, my heart and soul,” she continued. “So, all of us basically are people in L.A., and we’re bored, we don’t want to be in L.A. anymore, and we go out to this camp in the middle of nowhere where a bunch of people were killed like 20 years ago. But we’re like, ‘Hey, let’s go be camp counselors there!’ So, we go and camp counsel there, and he comes back.”

So, who is the mysterious “he” she’s talking about?  “Mr. Jingles,” Lourd clarified. “He sounds nice, but he ain’t, y’all.”

Gulp. AHS: 1984 premieres on Wednesday, September 18, on FX.


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