So This Is What a $100 Million House Looks Like Inside (Because You Deserve a Mental Vacay)

Are you in desperate need of a distraction but don’t feel comfortable traveling (at least not yet)? Look no further than this brand-new real estate listing that’s so stunning, it doubles as a vacation daydream.

Josh Hoorfar of Meridith Baer Home was one of the head designers of the UNICA home (which the firm also staged), and it’s currently on the market for a cool $100 million on Zillow. While it’s admittedly out of our price range, we can’t stop staring at the gorgeous photos and imagining ourselves strolling through the grand entryway. (In another lifetime, perhaps?)

Join us as we escape to UNICA with a mini home tour.

unica home for sale bel air 1
Tyler Hogan Photography

The 41,000-square-foot home is a new construction located in the East Gate neighborhood of Bel-Air, California. Given the size of the estate, the designers focused on adding warmth to keep it from feeling stark, incorporating live edge woods and plush fabrics. Black furniture and gold accents maintain its sophisticated vibe.

unica home for sale bel air 2
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The Spanish-style villa is practically built for an army, consisting of nine bedroom suites, 21 bathrooms and plenty of areas to lounge.

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Hoorfar deliberately kept the decor minimal, so it wouldn’t distract from the space itself.

unica home for sale bel air 4
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The open plan features floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which provide ample natural light to every room.

unica home for sale bel air 5
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Some of the amenities include a tiered home theatre, a popcorn/candy galley, a recording studio, an entire “wellness floor,” a wine cellar that holds more than 1,200 bottles of vino and an NBA regulation basketball court that can be transformed into a formal ballroom. NBD.

unica home for sale bel air 6
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