The One Organizing Technique The Home Edit Just Can’t Get Behind

Binging Get Organized with The Home Edit on Netflix can be a very dangerous thing. Suddenly, you find yourself scouring the Container Store, dropping $250 or more (as one of our editors did) as you plan on reorganizing your home to color-coded, calligraphy-label-topped perfection. As you stare at rows and rows of bins and tubs and lazy Susans, it’s all too easy to want to buy it all. And wind up with more clutter than things that actually help you out.

After five years running The Home Edit—and their own line of organizing products to boot—it’s safe to say the brand’s founders, Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer, have seen and tried it all. So, when we spoke to them earlier this year, we had to know: Are there any organizing products you're not so crazy about?

“One of my personal grievances? I don’t love using too many wire baskets,” Teplin said. “Things fall through the slots, and because there’s no concealment—and there’s the grid [from the wire]—everything tends to look cluttered in them,” she says.

But the mess isn’t the only reason the duo tends to avoid them. “We’re all about a damage-free lifestyle, and those can scrape up shelves,” she added. “When we’re in someone’s home, we try to implement systems that leave their homes clean, unscathed.”

Anyone who has seen the duo’s Netflix show can attest to how seriously they take that desire to protect people’s belongings, often wearing gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints on the things they’re tidying. So, instead of wire baskets, they’ll often use clear plastic bins, woven baskets or solid-color letter boxes to corral loose papers, craft supplies, beauty products, or, well, just about anything. Beyond being gentler on shelves, they tend to have a sleeker, cleaner look, which is a crucial part of nailing that THE aesthetic. The more you know.

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