Here Are The Trendiest, Most Comfortable Accent Chairs of 2023

From Eames reproductions to luxe linen recliners, these 20 chairs suit every style.

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Crate & Barrel

Have an empty living room corner that needs some pizzazz? Accent chair. Feel like your master bedroom looks too…sparse? Accent chair. The list goes on and on, but one thing is clear: an accent chair is like the Telfar bag of furniture. It can instantly elevate a space with color, texture and dimension—and it’ll spare your wallet thousands in renovations for the same effect. So below, we’re breaking down how to find the right accent chair for your space, plus 20 of our top picks, including trendy mid-century modern options to vintage-inspired reproductions (from Eames to Bellini).

Most Comfortable Accent Chairs at a Glance

What to Look for in a Comfortable Accent Chair

“Usually upholstered, a [comfortable accent] chair should be relaxed yet supportive (not too laidback—save the dozing off for your sofa or chaise). A winning combination in a chair is a design with a high, firm back—to provide sufficient neck and back support—and a comfortable, plush upholstered cushion for your seat. Midcentury-style chairs, in particular, tend to have low backs, so be sure to look at measurements to make sure you have somewhere to rest your head. As for cushions, a [foam- or down-filled cushion with a feather blend] is recommended,” writes Cate Shanks, an expert design writer for Chairish, which is an online source for vintage and unique decor, art, furniture and decorating inspiration. That said, Shanks also outlines a few key features you should look for when choosing a comfortable accent chair:

  • Size: “Some people prefer an oversized [accent] chair, as it can accommodate a big throw or blanket and a pillow or two. If you have a pet or kids who like to sit and curl up with you, a large chair is a worthy option,” she says, adding that oversized accent chairs are sometimes referred to as a “chair and a half,” since they’re larger than average but still smaller than a settee.
  • Seat Depth: “If you have an extra-tall family member in the house or you just love to curl and put your feet up on your chair, a deep-seated chair may be the best option for you. However, if you’re not especially tall, and you like to keep your feet on the floor while you read, a deep seat could actually be uncomfortable.”
  • Leg Heights: “Unlike dining chairs, [accent] chairs generally look and feel more inviting when they have a shorter leg—tall enough so you can comfortably have your legs bent….A seat height of around 17 inches, give or take, is common. As you compare chairs, you may notice that a chunky leg tends to look more inviting and casual, while narrow legs look a little more formal. You should also consider the leg style of other furniture in your room—too many competing styles can feel disorderly, but all the same can look matchy-matchy.”
  • Armrests: “There are numerous types of arm styles to choose from, from a tight and narrow English arm, which is more traditional, to a chunky and rounded Lawson arm (which can be transitional), to a track arm, which is definitively modern. In addition to upholstered arms, wooden or metal arms are also an option for an accent chair (and both can be a nice choice for small spaces thanks to their slender profile).”

Most Comfortable Chair Types

“The ultimate accent chair should also be covered in a soft, comfortable fabric that’s inviting yet durable, and not precious. Materials like velvet, twill, cotton, linen and leather (which gets softer as it ages) are all great options for reading chair upholstery,” she says. For high-traffic areas—particularly if you have kids or pets—look to performance fabrics and leather, which is easy to wipe clean.

In terms of style, “tufted reading chairs, like Chesterfield chairs, are a favorite because they have a tight back that has polish and provides support, as well as a thick cushion that’s comfortable… Midcentury Danish lounge chairs, on the other hand, are clean and sleek… If you’re fearful about committing to a certain style, choose something with a transitional look and have fun with accents.”

How We Chose the Most Comfortable Chairs

After researching the top-reviewed accent chairs on the web, we made our selections based on whether they had plush upholstery options (from velvet and leather to lightweight linen), whether they had foam-filled or down-blended cushions and a height of at least 17 inches from floor to top.

The 18 Most Comfortable Sofas of 2023

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Joss & Main

Best Chair Overall

1. Joss & Main Pera Armchair

Joss & Main

  • Dimensions: 35.5'' H x 36'' W x 32'' D
  • Materials: feather/foam cushions, velvet upholstery, birchwood frame
  • Why We Love It: Available in 6 moody jewel tones, smooth and silky fabric, cushions allow you to sink in, oversized build, removable/reversible cushions

At first, we were drawn to this mid-century modern number for its elegantly tapered legs and moody jewel tones (available in deep brown, olive green, French beige, opal gray, dark navy and fawn brown). But then, after seeing its 5-star rating, we realized: It’s a fan-favorite for more than its good looks. The foam- and feathered-filled cushions allow you to sink in and relax, while the velvet upholstery wraps you in a silky-smooth cloud. It’s also set on a kiln-dried hardwood frame—and the pillows for the back, seat, and arms can be easily removed and reversed—making it a durable, easy-to-care-for statement piece: “These chairs are so luxurious—comfortable, soft, and a great, substantial size. The brown velvet is the perfect, deep shade,” writes one reviewer.

“Even prettier in person,” another reviewer says. “They are well made, SO comfortable and beautiful. Everything in our living room is fairly neutral, and the beautiful green gave the room a serene pop of color.”

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Crate & Barrel

Editor’s Pick

2. Crate & Barrel x Jake Arnold Rumford Chair

Crate & Barrel

  • Dimensions: 35" W x 34 "D x 33.2 "H
  • Materials: foam/fiber cushions, velvet upholstery, light oakwood frame
  • Why We Love It: vintage-inspired, supportive yet soft feel, plush upholstery, light oakwood finish, sculpted arms with wide seat

With a classic wingback style and aged olive upholstery, this guy evokes the unique charm of a vintage find (only with brand-new materials). More importantly, it was designed in collaboration with famous designer Jake Arnold, who’s created a name for himself in home furnishings for his ability to design with comfort and elegance in mind. The chair’s generously padded seat is constructed with foam- and fiber-fill cushioning while its silhouette features soothing curves and a firm back, making it ultra-supportive.

And of course, you have the velvet upholstery, which swaths you in comfort from the moment your butt hits the (extra sturdy) seat. “I was surprised that the cushions are rather firm—they look like you’d sink down into the chair but you don’t,” one reviewer says. “Still comfortable (quite!) just a little deceiving on the ‘cush.’ (Which I love). The chair itself is set low to the ground, no chance of it tipping over, which is wonderful. It’s easy for an older person to stand up out of and sit down into. (Thanks in part to the firmer seat and great armrests). It is very substantial—but not too heavy to move. I feel like I’m in a C.S. Lewis story in the chair. Absolutely love it.”

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Best Chair Under $200

3. Lexicon Elle Chair


  • Dimensions: 32" D x 28.5" W x 31.5" H
  • Materials: dacron wrapped foam, linen polyester upholstery, wooden frame
  • Why We Love It: overstuffed cushions with a compact design, 5 upholstery options, lightweight but doesn’t tip over, easy to assemble

Coming in at just under $200, this retro-modern chair earns its 4.5-star rating (spanning 1,700+ reviews) for its value. The seat and back are overstuffed with a foam-fiber cushion wrapped in dacron—so it’s extra durable—while the curved armrests offer ample support for the elbows. Plus, it comes in five linen-polyester upholstery options with a walnut wood frame and many reviewers give it bonus points for its long-lasting design: “Three years later…..these chairs are still holding strong!” writes one reviewer. “They are stylish and comfortable. The bottom cushion is nice and thick and the wood is really sleek. We are tall people and these chairs are comfy to read in for hours.”

Another reviewer also adds: “For a mid-century modern or boho-style room, this chair works pretty well. It’s very sleek and clean and the grey works really well against the darker tone of the wood…the chair also feels very sturdy once put together—I'm a 212-230 pound, 5'11" male, and the seat depth and angle is adequate for my height. When leaning completely back into the chair, the backrest sits at the bottom third of my shoulder blades. The seat also sits at a fine height where the chair would work with or without an ottoman…it’s very wide and allows for 2 inches on either side.”

comfortable accent chair4

Best Oversized Chair

4. Levity Stratus Chair and a Half


  • Dimensions: 32.1” H x 34.6” D x 41.3” W
  • Materials: high-resiliency polyfoam cushions wrapped in fiber, textured woven upholstery, powder-coated steel frame
  • Why We Love It: entire chair cover is removable and machine-washable, textured fabric is soft without being scratchy, deep-seated cushions, durable steel frame

Alright, if you’re looking for la creme de la creme of durable, extra-wide seating, this is it: “I am not here for a short, squatty accent chair that looks like it could go in a children's playroom. This one is nice and roomy (which makes sense, given that it's named for its extra half a seat)—so much so that I can very comfortably sit on it sideways with my legs draped over the side,” says Commerce Director, Nicole Briese. Mainly, this has to do with its oversized, 41.3-inch width with a roomy 28.5-inch seat depth: “I find myself gravitating to it not only to read or catch up on magazines, but also just to work—it's nice and deep, so I can fully kick back in it with a lap pad,” she adds. But the coolest part? “You can actually fully remove the fabric cover to throw it in the wash when it gets dirty (though I highly recommend doing this sparingly, as it's a bit of a workout to get it back on),” Briese explains. That said, she also mentions: “The cushioning could be slightly cushier, but it's designed the way it is for [its machine-washable construction].”

comfortable accent chair5

Best Compact Chair

5. 25Home Pacha Chair


  • Dimensions: 27” H x 34” D x 29” W
  • Materials: high-density foam, Berber fleece upholstery, birchwood frame
  • Why We Love It: upholstery is soft to the touch, available in 2 colors, malleable cushions, good for small apartments, wide enough seat depth to curl into

With the options of two plush, stunning fabrics—including beige or gray—this is the cozy chair your apartment has been waiting for. Its 29-inch width can fit seamlessly into compact corners while its 34-inch seat depth is large enough to let you curl up with a book (and a pup). To that end, ‘cushy’ is an understatement here, where the chair is adorned with sumptuous Berber fleece upholstery and high-density, foam-filled cushions that let melt into its supportive pine wood frame.

Take it from one reviewer, who raves: “It's soft and comfortable, it won't take up too much space, so really great for small apartment.” Another adds: “I downsized to a small bungalow, so space was important…this accent chair is amazing me! It is as comfortable as a sofa and occupies less space.”

comfortable accent chair6

Best Reclining Chair

6. Arhaus Rowland Recliner


  • Dimensions: 43" W x 35" H x 41" D
  • Materials: down, poly and fiber-foam cushions, Crypton linen performance upholstery, hardwood frame
  • Why We Love It: seat and back cushions are filled with down, foam and fiber, Crypton performance fabric is ultra-durable, two-motion recline button, oversized fit, sturdy frame that’s built to last

We don’t even know where to begin with this one. Not only is this a motion-powered recliner with a two-button control (which offers up to 12 inches of adjustable recline), but the design itself is packed with comfort—from extra-padded, down-feather-filled seat cushions to a supportive backrest made from foam and poly-fibers. Add to that, its oversized, 43-inch width and solid, reinforced hardwood frame—and Crypton performance fabric upholstery (aka the best of the best), which is engineered with stain-, odor- and moisture-resistant technology. The TL;DR? It doesn’t get more durable, comfortable and luxurious than this, with square arms and seamless linen fabric that’s totally on-trend.

“[My husband] spotted the Rowland Recliner and jokingly sat down on it, then remarked how comfortable it was. I wasn’t convinced but sat on it myself anyway. Wow. As someone with a broken tailbone, I couldn’t believe it didn’t give me any extra pain. In fact, it was more like a warm hug! I was sold and we added it to our living room design immediately. Stylish recliners can be difficult to come by, even more so ones that are this enjoyable,” writes Hoàng-Kim, blogger behind, who tested this armless version of the Rowland (which is filled with all of the same materials).

comfortable accent chair7

Best Lounge Chair

7. Cottinch Eames Lounge Chair


  • Dimensions: 31.5” H x 33” W x 36” D
  • Materials: sponge cushions, genuine leather upholstery, molded plywood frame
  • Why We Love It: springy feel, midcentury modern design, leather and dark wood, removable sponge cushions, 15-degree tilt angle, ottoman included

Ah yes, the famous Eames chair. This guy has been a staple of midcentury modern interiors for decades, where its high-grade leather and dark wooden hues can elevate any space. And, aside from the fact that it comes with a matching ottoman, the chair is beyond snuggly with removable sponge cushions that offer a springy feel (which you can swap out over time if they begin to sag). “Chair is lovely to look at, comfortable to sit in, and a great value for the money. The leather is supple, the wood is rich and the seating is plush. ‘Replica’ is an accurate term for this chair—it's a dead ringer compared to the original,” one person writes.

In fact, it’s so comfortable, that many reviewers say it even helps with back pain: “I have a chronic back pain condition and having a chair that supports my back is essential. For me, this is the best chair I've ever bought, very comfortable and I have far less pain after using it. I am absolutely delighted with it.”

comfortable accent chair8
Eternity Modern

Best Modern Chair

8. Eternity Modern Mario Bellini Reproduction

Enternity Modern

  • Dimensions: 37.75" W x 37.75" D x 26.4" H
  • Materials: polyurethane foam cushions, fabric and leather upholstery options, Merbau wood frame
  • Why We Love It: 94 fabric options, ultra soft and sinkable, three-layer foam cushions, buildable design that can transform into a sectional over time

ICYMI, Mario Bellini is another famous furniture designer who pioneered the curvy furniture craze in the 70s—and his Italian design is back in a *big* way right now. Case in point: this reproduction chair, which pulls inspiration from his famous modern Camaleonda sofa. The cushions are constructed of shaped polyurethane foam with 3 distinct dense layers—so ‘sink in’ is basically embedded in its design—and you have 94 (!!) upholstery options that span from sumptuous cashmere, velvet and suede to ultra-durable performance felt that’ll hold up against spills and stains. “I love the lushness of this [chair]! It’s super soft and great to curl on,” writes one reviewer.

And the cherry on top? The backs and armrests include rings and carabiners, which allows you to use it as a stand-alone accent chair or add pieces over time to create an entire sectional: “It is the best purchase I've ever made and my favorite spot to lounge; it is beyond comfortable and since it's modular, you can move it around and change up your living room whenever,” another reviewer backs up.

comfortable accent chair9
Joss & Main

Best Mid-Century Chair

9. Joss & Main Donita Armchair

Joss & Main

  • Dimensions: 33.5'' H x 28.5'' W x 29.5'' D
  • Materials: foam/feather cushions, canvas upholstery
  • Why We Love It: cushions have a ‘cloud-like’ feel, removable and machine-washable covers, available in 3 canvas upholstery options, sleek metal frame, easy to spot-clean

Another trend people can’t seem to get enough of right now? Cloud chairs. So naturally, we had to include this mid-century modern number, which features a sling-style blueprint with an expansive, cloud-like seat and backrest. The cylindrical metal frame keeps it understated with clean lines while the overstuffed cushions are filled with a foam and feather blend—complimented by sinuous springs that offer support to its sink. It also has a cotton-blend upholstery (available in washed white/blue and gray), and the cushions can be removed and tossed in the washing machine to keep them looking fresh (though, the fabric is durable enough where spot-cleaning is enough for smaller cleans).

“The most comfortable chair ever. It’s like sitting on a cloud. Well-made. Love the color and wiping things off it is easy,” writes one reviewer. They’re not the only hardcore fan. Another reviewer says: “I bought it for the design and stayed for the comfort. Much more comfortable than me or my fiancé would have expected. Feels like a cloud!”

comfortable accent chair10

Best Antique French Chair

10. Anthropologie Bixby Chair


  • Dimensions: 28" H x 27" W x 28" D
  • Materials: foam-core cushions, wool, linen, velvet or leather upholstery options, maple wood legs
  • Why We Love It: antique barrel design, foam cushions are soft and durable, supported by springs, fully customizable with multiple fabric and color options, good for smaller spaces

Sticking with the theme of Newstalgia (i.e., the vintage-inspired design trend you’re seeing everywhere right now), this Anthropologie chair draws inspiration from opulent French cocktail lounges with a rounded, yoke-backed design with an antique speakeasy-style feel. The high-resiliency foam core cushions are enveloped in fiber padding and its structured barrel seat has cushioned diamond-tufted upholstery for a sumptuously soft feel. Plus, the exposed wood frame and ‘Flexolator,’ sinuous spring construction make it just as durable as it is comfortable: “Absolutely wonderful chair. Comfortable, well-made, impeccable construction, sturdy, lovely fabric. I bought this in chartreuse and the color is beautiful,” writes one reviewer.

“Even my parents, who have some mobility issues, enjoy sitting in these chairs,” another person adds. Oh, and did we mention that it’s completely customizable with the choice of wool, linen, velvet or leather fabrics with hundreds of color options?

comfortable accent chair11

Best Sculptural Chair

11. Four Hands Cairo Lounge Chair

Four Hands

  • Dimensions: 34.75” W x 33.75” D x 29” H
  • Materials: feather/foam cushions, linen, velvet or leather upholstery, beechwood frame
  • Why We Love It: abstract tripod shape, removable/flippable seat cushion, extra padding on the armrests, available in 4 finishes

If you’re looking to make a statement with a one-of-a-kind design, this guy boasts a bold silhouette that was inspired by vintage Brazilian motifs—its all-over cushions offer comfort at every angle. The chair has abstract plank legs that create a sculptural tripod, which cradles a loose, floating foam- and feather-filled cushioned seat with webbing (which can be removed and flipped to keep it looking fresh). Its design also features a firm upholstered back that seamlessly wraps around to its arms—and it’s available in four upholsteries, including velvet, linen and two genuine leather options.

“Beautiful, comfortable chair. Soft, supple leather,” one person writes. Plus, another reviewer describes it as “super lovely in person” and “big enough for bigger people and very comfortable.”

comfortable accent chair12

Best Leather Chair

12. Kosas Home Kareem Club Chair

Kosas Home

  • Dimensions: 37" H x 24” W x 43” D
  • Materials: foam cushions, top-grain leather, ash wood frame
  • Why We Love It: under $1,000 for genuine leather, upholstery is smooth on the skin, removable pillow-top seat, cushions are supportive and durable, curved arms make it a great reading chair

Hand-finished and distressed with top-grain leather on an ash wood frame, this chair is basically begging for a spot in your rustic living room. Its removable pillow-top seat and curved arms make it comfortable to lounge in for hours, while the medium-foam cushions offer some extra padding on the seat and back (aka where you need it most). Take it from one avid reader, who raves over the high-quality design of this chair: “Looks just like product photos and it's made of real wood. My husband and I both have long legs, and it's a perfect height. Both of us are bookworms and it has felt like we could sit in it forever without our backs hurting. Armrests are a dream because they catch the elbow and dip back up.”

Another reviewer also backs this up, writing: “This chair exceeded my expectations when it arrived. It is beautifully designed and very well crafted from high-quality materials. It is comfortable to sit in and the flared arms are perfect to rest your elbows.”

comfortable accent chair13

Best Armless Chair

13. Trule Armless Lounge Chair


  • Dimensions: 29.13'' H x 34.25'' W x 40.1'' D
  • Materials: multiple-density foam cushions, microsuede upholstery
  • Why We Love It: ergonomic design features multi-layered foam, microfiber is soft and stain-resistant, armless shape conforms to the contours of your body

Aside from the fact that this chair is so *right now*—and serves as a more wallet-friendly option than the Mario Bellini Reproduction—the proportions of the lounger have been intentionally adjusted to offer ergonomic support. This is due to the fact that it’s constructed with multiple-density foam (and lack of a wood/metal frame), which provides a unique, lofty feel—and the shape offers strong support for the back where it conforms to the contours of your body. One reviewer backs this up, writing: “Such a beautiful and SUPER comfortable chair… I wanted something to make our space a little less serious but still keep in line with modern/adult vibes, and this chair does exactly that. [Plus], I have to mention again that it is so comfortable! There's something about being low to the ground that just, [fittingly], grounds a space. It definitely made our [living room] less stuffy and more inviting. It's also doggo-approved!”

Indeed, the microfiber upholstery does more than contribute to its good looks, where the fabric is soft and stain-resistant (so long as you’re sure to spot clean with a concentrated detergent).

comfortable accent chair14
World Market

Best Swivel Chair

14. World Market Brynn Chair

World Market

  • Dimensions: 32" W x 36" D x 35" H
  • Materials: down/foam cushions, polyester-nylon performance fabric
  • Why We Love It: plush, sinkable cushions, set on a 360-degree swivel base, performance fabric available in ivory and navy, wide seat that can still accommodate compact spaces

Yet another feathery-soft option that reviewers are raving over? This guy, which has a 4.6-star rating with over 300 reviews. Not only do you have the chair’s foam- and feather-filled cushions—which are just as plushy as they sound—but it’s upholstered with polyester-nylon performance fabric, so it’ll hold up against stains and spills.

Basically, it has the softness of a down pillow with the durability of a performance sofa. One reviewer raves, “it is stunning and comfortable—the seat is wide enough for our small pups to have plenty of room with me…[the] chair looks much more expensive than it is.” Aside from the fact that the cushion covers are removable and easy to clean, it has a sturdy base that’s set on a 360-degree swivel: “The performance fabric so far is great. My dog jumped on the chair and got something on the cushion. I used some mild detergent and warm water to clean it, and it came right up,” another person adds.

comfortable accent chair15
Birch Lane

Best Barrel Chair

15. Birch Lane Bennett Chair

Birch Lane

  • Dimensions: 28.3'' H x 31'' W x 31'' D
  • Materials: foam/fiber cushions, linen, velvet and bouclé upholstery options
  • Why We Love It: supple cushions, 12 upholstery options, good for long lounging sessions, smooth 360-degree swivel base, rounded arms for a modern look

Simple, swiveled and oh-so-sophisticated…anything else you’re looking for in a barrel chair? This one not only has rounded arms with a 23-inch height (which keeps it from looking short and dumpy), but its fiber- and foam-filled cushions are set on a kiln-dried wood frame that can support up to 300 pounds.

Then, of course, you have its neutral range of upholstery options, which span from silky velvet and chunky bouclé to performance linens and polyesters that are meant for hours-on-end lounging: “I love the way this modern and elegant chair is the perfect finishing touch to our bedroom. It's a wonderful place to read for a couple of hours; it is very comfortable, and I love the swiveling aspect,” writes one person. Another reviewer mentions that it’s “very well built,” adding that it “easily supports a man of my bigger frame yet does not take up large space in my small room. Swivels perfectly with no catching or noise.”

comfortable accent chair16

Best Wingback Chair

16. Article Mod Armchair


  • Dimensions: 57" H x 37" W x 37" L
  • Materials: high-density foam cushions, polyester fabric
  • Why We Love It: mid-century modern look with a design that’s focused on comfort, dark walnut legs, resilient foam cushions, easy assembly

This wingback is yet another mid-century modern option that was designed with one goal: creating the ultimate spot for unwinding, unplugging, and finding relaxation. Its sturdy back, deep seat, and curved arms are elevated with high-density foam cushions wrapped in polyester—and its upholstered options feature a tweed design in blue berry, jay gray, spearmint aqua and orange spice (which, FWIW, is very trendy right now).

To top it all off, the brand promises a less-than-five-minute assembly time that more than 400 reviewers back up: “It was well packaged and easy to put the legs on—so quick! The chair is even more fabulous in person, with flecks of yellow and darker green that really create a great-looking fabric. It's also comfortable. This chair is for my husband who is 6-foot-2. Most accent chairs are much too small, but this fits him well and it's so stylish,” one person writes. Another also notes: “The chair itself is REALLY comfortable, and I love the fabric. Website photos are very accurate.”

comfortable accent chair17

Best Slipcovered Chair

17. Martha Stewart London Farmhouse Chair

Martha Stewart

  • Dimensions: 35.25'' H x 28'' W x 31.5'' D
  • Materials: foam cushions, cotton-blended or polyester fabric, wood frame with metal base
  • Why We Love It: 7-inch-thick cushions, slipcover is traditional while silhouette is modern, 3 fabric colors, 360-degree swivel is concealed by skirted bottom

Wrapped in a soft linen fabric (available in beige, brown or blue), this timeless slip-covered option combines traditional upholstery with a modern build. The cushions are 7 inches thick and filled with layers of supportive foam, while the loose seat pillow and included throw pillow have a reversible design that are easy to spot clean with water and a damp cloth. Beyond that, however, it also has a metal swivel base with 360-degree rotation that’s concealed by the skirted bottom, creating a seamless transitional look.

“The chair is great for reading or family gatherings. My husband and I are under 5-foot-9 and we both find it comfortable. The fabric is durable and has a casual feel,” one person writes. Another feature worth noting, courtesy of a reviewer: “The skirt doesn’t touch the floor if you have hardwood/tile floors. It’s a great size that doesn’t feel small but also doesn’t overpower the space. It fits perfectly in the corner of my bedroom.”

comfortable accent chair18

Best Club Chair

18. Sabai ‘The Essential’ Chair


  • Dimensions: 33.5” W x 27.5” H x 32” D
  • Materials: recycled fiber fill cushions, upcycled poly or recycled velvet upholstery options, maple wooden legs
  • Why We Love It: cushions are eco-friendly and comfortable, multiple finish and fabric options, can withstand 10 years of regular use, cat-approved and easy to clean, cork gliders prevent floor scratching

With 100 percent recycled fiber fill pillows and domestically-sourced maple wood legs, it’ll be hard to come by a more eco-friendly (and chic, of course) club chair than this one from Sabai. For those who don’t know, this brand has a mission to reduce furniture waste (read more about that here), while designing pieces that are built to withstand ten years of regular use. And on top of its sustainable cushions, scaping silhouette and modern legs (available in natural and dark brown), it’s also upholstered in recycled velvet or upcycled poly fabrics, which come in 10 enveloping fabrics: “[These chairs] are beautiful and SO soft, plush and cozy. They were very easy to put together (unboxing to relaxing in the living room took 15 minutes) and they somehow manage to be lightweight *and* super sturdy at the same time.”

Not to mention that it’s also ultra-durable and cat-approved: “The fabric is lovely and is easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. When we first received it, our two cats did a little claw sharpening on the chair [and] the claws left no damage,” one person says. And another adds, “I was concerned that the poly Oat fabric [might] be rough to the touch but found the chair to be softer than expected. I love that if I catch my cats sharpening their claws on it, I notice NO snags in the fabric, and if I did, I could replace that part easily.”

comfortable accent chair19

Best Glider Chair

19. Monte Como Glider


  • Dimensions: 29” W x 33” D x 39” H
  • Materials: polyurethane cushions, velvet, linen or wool upholstery, metallic base
  • Why We Love It: doubles as a recliner and swivel chair, flexible polyurethane cushions, included lumbar pillow, customizable recline, spill-and stain-resistant performance fabric, removable/machine-washable covers, 11 color and finish options

Perhaps the most customizable option on this list, this recliner is a showcase of comfort meets style. First, you can tailor it to match your existing decor with multiple performance fabric options, including velvet, linen and wool, with six colorways (which span from elegant neutrals to statement jewel tones). You can also choose between three styles for the included lumbar pillow and two finishes for the metal base (brass or stainless steel). But what makes this guy totally unique is that it’s a recliner and a swivel chair. The seat rests upon a smooth, 360-degree swivel base and features a hidden handle that activates the pop-up footrest (which you can simply kick down with your feet to return the chair to an upright position).

It also has flexible, polyurethane cushions—which also happen to be eco-friendly—an ergonomic arm height and an ultra-high back for a supportive yet cushy feel. Take it from new mother Linsy, who’s using the chair in her nursery: “This recliner is hands down my most cherished piece of furniture and most used. Not only does it look gorgeous in our space (unlike typical recliners), but it's designed in a supportive manner for breastfeeding. I love that I can easily recline without waking my daughter post-feed and relax comfortably for hours on end. It should also be noted how durable the fabric is—we've already had a few spills that wiped off SO easily, I couldn't believe it!” On that note, you guessed it; the covers are removable and machine washable.

comfortable accent chair20

Best Outdoor Chairs

20. Project 62 Set of 2 Risley Chairs


  • Dimensions: 29” H x 29.75” W x 32.62” D
  • Materials: foam cushions, polyester upholstery, aluminum frames
  • Why We Love It: includes 2 chairs, cushions are 5.5-inches thick and designed to be supportive yet soft, oversized fit, removable and washable cushions, sturdy aluminum frame with rope texture, weather- and rust-resistant

At a price point that’s hard to beat, it’s equally as rare to find a set of outdoor chairs that are this comfortable. They have curved backs and arms with deep cushioned seats that basically beg you to open a bottle of rosé at happy hour. Plus, aside from its 5.5-inch-thick foam, the cushions are also filled with a polyester fiber that ensures it’ll spring back up when it’s not in use.

These chairs also have a sturdy aluminum frame with a natural rope texture—and each one is designed to be weather-, rust- and mildew-resistant. “They [have a] gorgeous design…The bottom cushions are pretty firm, and the back cushions are soft. The seat depth is very deep and is a nice chair to curl up in. The white fabric does show dirt more easily but it seems to brush off [very easily]...I plan to try washing the cushion covers at the end of the season since they are removable,” one person writes.

The 30 Most Comfortable Reading Chairs of 2023

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