The Laundress’s Stain Solution Saved My Favorite Sweater from a Red Wine Stain

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Raise your hand if you like red wine (or coffee, or tea). Now raise it again if you’ve ever spilled some on a favorite piece of clothing and deemed it a lost cause. Same, friend. My most recent incident? A glass of Beaujolais splashed onto a beloved (and very expensive) cashmere sweater. Since I wasn’t running to the dry cleaner at 7 p.m., I instead descended into a spiral of materialistic anxiety and sadness. Then I remembered there was a bottle of stain remover tucked away in my closet.

I had purchased The Laundress’s Stain Solution on a whim, mostly because I’m a fan of their Wool and Cashmere Spray and Whites Detergent. The products are, admittedly, a luxury—I won’t pretend they’re totally within my budget. But there’s a reason I’m willing to pay extra: They work really well. So I figured the Stain Solution was worth a try on my possibly-ruined knitwear. (At that point, it couldn’t get worse.)

I followed the product’s directions to a T, spot treating the stain by wetting it with cold water then working a tiny drop of the solution into the fabric. At first, it looked like I had made the problem worse. I used a damp cloth to half-heartedly blot at the spot while also loathing myself…and like some kind of sorcery, the stain started to disappear. It was like the spill had never even happened.

I’ve since used the product on a chocolate stain, a set-in grease spatter and the ring-around-the-collar plaguing my husband’s work button-downs, all with success. I wish I could chalk it up to my excellent laundering skills (ha), but I know it’s the secret sorcery of the Stain Solution (actually a highly-concentrated, eco-friendly blend of plant-based surfactants).

If you wear white, are clumsy or enjoy foods that also happen to stain, I highly recommend.

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