The 5 Most Common Bedroom Decorating Mistakes

And how to fix them

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary: the place where you rest your head, read your favorite books, cuddle with your favorite guy Boston Terrier. So why should it be decorated to anything less than perfection? Read on for the five mistakes folks most often make when planning a bedroom…and how to fix them ASAP.

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Mistake 1: Too many pillows on the bed

We get it: Throw pillows are adorbs. But if you’re at the point where you have to toss them on the floor just to lie down, you’ve gone overboard.

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Solution: Mix pillows and throws

For what it’s worth, we like a simple bedscape. But if you want more visual intrigue, add a casual throw blanket and call it a day. Bonus points for one with a nubby or fuzzy texture.

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Mistake 2: There’s no place to sit

It’s all fun and games until you have to lace up gladiator sandals.

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Solution: Add a chair

Or a trunk! Or a rocker! (Consider it an excuse to troll your favorite flea market.)

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Mistake 3: Matchy-matchy furniture

Did your bed, dresser and armoire all come from the same line at Raymour & Flanigan? #creativityfail

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Solution: Mix and match materials and styles

Don’t be afraid to pair a modern bed frame with an antique trunk or distressed bedside table. The overall look will be far more sophisticated…and relaxed.

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Mistake 4: Relying on overhead lighting

“That fluorescent ceiling lamp really sets the mood for bedtime,” said no one ever.

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Solution: Add area lights with dimmable settings

Sconces, table lamps, standing lamps: Use low-light settings to make your room a haven.

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Mistake 5: Cluttered surfaces

Desks and bookshelves are necessary to, um, life. But they basically invite clutter. If you can keep them in rooms other than the bedroom (say, a home office), do so.

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Solution: Opt for minimalism

You see? Nowhere to leave crap here.

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