Painting Your Bathroom *This* Color Can Boost Your Home's Value by $5,000

bathroom sky blue

There are countless elements to consider when selling a home. As a result, paint is sometimes overlooked because the new homeowners can easily customize it to their liking…right? Well, according to this brand-new study, the color of your bathroom can drastically affect the sale price.

Zillow recently commissioned an analysis to determine which paint colors buyers are willing to pay more for. When it came to bathrooms, pale sky blue came out on top, receiving a score of 93 out of 100. The participants were willing to pay 1.6 percent more, which could increase the home’s price by $4,698. (These numbers were calculated based on the value of a typical U.S. house: $290,000.)

To obtain the results, the company surveyed 1,300 participants, who were all recent or prospective homebuyers. The subjects were shown photos of possible homes and then asked to grade the pics based on their interest in touring and buying the house. Each person also weighed in on the price they’d be willing to pay, which contributed to the final score.

Along with sky blue bathrooms, the study also found that paint in the bedroom and kitchen can also impact a home’s value. While dark blue bedrooms (think moody hues) can increase the price by $1,500, mint green kitchens can have the opposite effect, making homes sell for almost $2,000 less.

Mint green isn’t the only frowned upon shade in the kitchen. In fact, another Zillow study determined that bright red sells for $1,500 less than other colors. 

BRB, trying to convince our significant other to paint the powder room light blue.

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