Anyone Who Cooks and Cares About the Earth Needs These $16 Silicone Lids

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If you’ve already bookmarked every recipe you’re making for dinner this week (honey mustard sheet-pan chicken with Brussels sprouts for Monday, Moroccan-style pasta Bolognese for Tuesday—you get the idea) and you follow the incomparable Greta Thunberg on Instagram, we have a feeling you care about the environment as much as you care about al dente pasta, which is to say, a lot. And if that’s the case, investing in some sustainable kitchen products is probably high on your list—maybe you’re not composting every leftover food scrap, but you do bring your own reusable bags grocery shopping. 

The next step? You need these silicon lid covers. It’s $16 for five different sized covers that are dish-washer safe, food-safe, 100-percent food-grade silicone, certified to FDA standards and BPA Free.

If you’re making a ton of food every week, chances are you have leftovers. You may have one or two containers with lids that are great for fridge storage, but by the time Wednesday rolls around, you’ve conceded to the plastic lords, and you’re back to covering your bowls with Saran Wrap. 

Believe me when I tell you that I was once like you—one plastic bag here and one plastic sticky wrap there won’t kill the planet. But…it kinda does. That’s why I was so excited when my aunt gifted me these lids as a housewarming present. For one, they’re so much easier to use than plastic wrap (I have indeed lacerated an extremity on the dispenser’s metal cutter); you literally just plop the right size lid on the container, and it creates a suction to keep your food fresh.

And it’s not just great for leftovers, but also produce. Don’t need an entire onion? Put the extra half in a small container and cover with a small lid. Works the same with ginger or lemon. Cover the soup for a bit before you serve it or put one on your coffee mug to keep it warm while you take a shower. The options are endless. 

One tiny step for the planet, one giant leap for your kitchen. 



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