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Early summer in NYC brings infuriatingly inconsistent weather, rogue drips from overhead air conditioners…and a cavalcade of exciting new eats. We scoured the city to find the most ’Grammable new offerings from food halls and markets all across the boroughs.

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Bacon cheddar pierogi at Baba’s Pierogies

Based on recipes from the owners’ “baba” (grandmother), these tasty dumplings can be filled with anything from sauerkraut to spinach. But our favorite is the savory bacon cheddar, stuffed with salty smoked bacon, gooey cheese and potato.

Where to find it: North 3rd Street Market

Bonsai Kakigori shaved ice
Bonsai Kakigori

Kakigōri at Bonsai Kakigōri

This isn’t any ordinary shaved ice. Using a special vintage machine, the folks at Bonsai create a fluffy, snowlike ice that’s then flavored with seasonal rotating toppings like peanut butter and jelly or horchata.

Where to find it: Smorgasburg

big buns cinnamon bun
Big Buns

Roasted pecan cinnamon bun at Big Buns

Forget everything you know about this breakfast treat: This version—from a former Eleven Madison Park pastry chef—is made with brioche dough and rolled with cinnamon pastry cream. As if that weren’t decadent enough, toppings (like the pecan version’s honey glaze) are served warm and poured over the pastry right before serving.

Where to find it: Smorgasburg

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Fried cookie DŌ at Big Mozz x DŌ

This is what happens when two of the most viral food vendors join forces. Big Mozz (purveyor of acclaimed mozzarella sticks) and DŌ (of edible cookie dough fame) are serving warm, gooey spheres of dough, first enrobed in batter and then deep-fried and covered in powdered sugar. You’re welcome.

Where to find it: Smorgasburg

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Liquid nitrogen sundaes at Cryo Cream

Ultra-smooth ice cream is made before your very eyes at this playful stall, which uses nitrogen to quick-freeze the treat. The menu changes frequently, but look out for the Glampfire sundae, made with graham cracker ice cream, toasted marshmallows, Pop Rocks and a cheeky chocolate syrup “injector” syringe.

Where to find it: Broadway Bites

Dana s Bakery rainbow black and white cookies
Dana's Bakery

Rainbow black-and-white cookie at Dana’s Bakery

What’s black and white and rainbow all over? This version may look like a standard black-and-white from the outside, but open it up to reveal psychedelic cakey goodness. Bonus: It’s made from a blend of potato and rice flour, so it’s gluten-free.

Where to find it: North 3rd Street Market

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Fries at Duck Season

The only thing better than fries? Duck-fat-fried fries. So goes the philosophy at this stand, which serves up heaping piles of crispy taters with indulgent toppings like cheddar cheese sauce or Montreal-style poutine (that’s cheddar cheese curds and gravy for us Americans).

Where to find it: Mad. Sq. Eats and Smorgasburg

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Whole lobster at Lobsterdamus

Something has always been missing from our outdoor food markets. And that something is Whole. Freaking. Lobsters. This Smorgasburg L.A. import brings crustaceans to the people—specifically, 1.25-pound, mesquite-grilled, butter-doused versions. If that’s not enough lobster love for you, grab a side order of lobster truffle fries or lobster nachos, because #yolo.

Where to find it: Smorgasburg

Folded cheeseburger at Miznon

The first American branch of this Israeli restaurant chain has been winning accolades for its superb hummus, but the best item on the menu might be their quirky burger. Using a pita pocket in place of a bun, the burger consists of a crispy, smashed beef patty, melty American cheese and the requisite pickle.

Where to find it: Chelsea Market

Waffle at Moldovan Waffle Rolls

If you’ve never had Moldovan food, it’s time to rectify that with one of the country’s most delicious exports: crispy rolled waffles filled with fluffy whipped cheesecake and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Handheld cheesecake? Count us in.

Where to find it: Queens Night Market

Tita Baby s pancit noodle bowl
Tita Baby's

Noodles at Tita Baby’s

Filipino food is having a moment, but not many spots specialize in pancit, the beloved noodle dish of the country. This brand-new stand, run by Maharlika chef Nicole Ponseca, is one of the first panciterias in the U.S., spreading the gospel of savory, farm-fresh noodle bowls.

Where to find it: North 3rd Street Market

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Donnoli at Vaccaro’s Bakery

We thought we were starting to get hybrid food fatigue, but we have to admit this beauty—a mash-up of a doughnut and a cannoli, if you didn’t guess—is nothing short of brilliant. Particularly when it comes in flavors like Nutella, candied bacon and Fruity Pebbles.

Where to find it: LIC Flea & Food

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