Cookies from Levain Bakery, Pastrami from Katz Deli and 6 More Iconic NYC Foods You Can Ship Across the Country

Maybe your college roommate had big plans to visit you this summer and, well, now she can’t. Or perhaps you want to show your mom how much you miss her (while reminding her that New York City isn’t such a terrible place to live, after all). Whatever the case, shipping a quintessential NYC treat to loved ones is never a bad idea. Here, eight of our favorite New York foodie gifts that can be delivered to friends and family across the country (and, um, also to your own front door).

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1. Cookies From Levain Bakery

Forget standing in line for an hour to tuck into this beloved bakery’s softball-sized mounds of ooey-gooey cookie. Instead, get those doughy beauties delivered in packs of four, eight or 12, starting from $27 before shipping. We’re partial to the dark chocolate chocolate chip. And the oatmeal raisin. Not to mention the chocolate chip walnut. You know what? You’d better get an assortment, just to be safe.

2. Pastrami From Katz’s Delicatessen

If your bestie were here right now, you’d be lounging on the couch together, watching a rom-com and snacking on something delicious. But since she can’t come and visit, gift her the next best thing: a delivery from the deli made famous from that When Harry Met Sally scene (you know the one we’re talking about). The Reuben package ($110) comes with a staggering two pounds of corned beef or pastrami, half a loaf of rye bread, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing and two quarts of pickles. Or go even bigger with the taste of New York collection ($150) that includes pastrami, corned beef, salami, rye bread, sour pickles, frankfurters, buns, mustard, sauerkraut and bagels. We think Meg Ryan would approve.

3. Wood-fired Pizzas From Roberta’s

What’s more New York than a slice of ‘za? And Roberta’s Pizza in Bushwick is one of the city’s finest offerings. (Don’t believe us? Just ask frequent diner Beyoncé.) Get their frozen pies shipped across the country in packs of two, four, six or eight, starting from $69 (shipping included). Choose from two pies—their classic margarita pizza and the baby Sinclair that’s topped with cheddar, Parmesan, kale, garlic and chiles.

4. Steak From Peter Luger Steak House

Fans of this Williamsburg stalwart know to always order the porterhouse for two—with a side of bacon. Get both shipped overnight via FedEx for $241 (plus shipping) to take your dad’s weekend barbecue from meh to mouthwatering. You can also ship dry-aged bone-in strip steak and dry-aged bone-in rib steaks—just don’t forget the bacon. Sure, it ain’t cheap but when the meat’s this juicy, it’s going to cost you.

5. Banana Pudding From Magnolia Bakery

Carrie Bradshaw might have opted for the bakery’s pretty cupcakes, but New Yorkers know that the real proof is in the (banana) pudding. Creamy and oh-so dreamy, this silky dessert made from vanilla wafers, fresh bananas and sweet cream has a loyal following. For the gift that keeps on giving, ship six large cups of the pudding (serves 10 to 12 people) for $65, plus shipping. And for SATC fans, don’t worry—you can ship their famous cupcakes nationwide too.

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6. Lox From Barney Greengrass

This iconic deli isn’t nicknamed “the Sturgeon King” for nothing. When it comes to smoked fish, this 112-year old institution knows what it’s doing. The uncle Mitty package ($109) includes one pound of Eastern Nova Scotia, a half-pound of whitefish salad, a dozen bagels, vegetable and scallion cream cheese and rugelach. Or give family and friends the best weekend brunch spread they could possibly imagine with the essential Sunday morning package ($195) that comes with a pound of Eastern Nova Scotia, three-quarters of a pound Sturgeon, a dozen bagels, pumpernickel bread, a quart of freshly squeezed orange juice and the deli’s famous house blend coffee, a jar of preserves, homemade cream cheese and an assortment of rugelach. Now that’s what we call a breakfast of champions.

7. Cake From Milk Bar

When pastry queen, Milk Bar founder and imaginary BFF Christina Tosi isn’t busy creating delectable treats such as cereal milk soft serve and compost cookies, you can find her on Instagram teaching us how to whip up homemade goodies. But let’s be honest—your treats are never going to be as good as the real deal. Get the James Beard Award-winning pastry chef’s bakes delivered straight to your door, including one of her famous naked cakes (from $50) or an assorted cookie tin ($36).

8. Cheesecake From Junior’s

Can you believe that the recipe for New York’s most famous cheesecake has not changed in more than 65 years? Proving that you can’t knock a classic, Junior’s offerings can now be shipped nationwide. We love the OG cake ($44), but if you want to shake it up a notch check out their brownie marble ($50) or raspberry swirl ($44). Can’t decide? Opt for the sampler ($50) that gives you four tastes in one—all the creations mentioned above plus apple crumb. (Shipping not included.)

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