The New Guard of Pizza Places to Have on Your Radar

NYC has a pizza ecosystem (a pizzosystem?) all its own. You have your old-school stalwarts, your fancy restaurant pies and your no-frills slice joints, all contributing to one big, beautiful landscape. Here, seven new kids on the block that you’re going to want to try ASAP. 

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rosemarys pizza chips pizza
Danielle Adams

Rosemary’s Pizza

Sure, sometimes you’re down to scarf a slice on the sidewalk, but sometimes you require some ambience and a well-made spritz to go with your pie. Not only is this spinoff of the beloved West Village spot flat-out gorgeous, but its farm-to-table pizzas are as lovely as you’d expect, with topping combos like guanciale, fennel, smoked mozzarella and burnt orange.

1 Perry St.;

bocce usq pizza hand drinks
Molly Tavoletti

Bocce Usq

Take top-notch pizza, add summer-ready outdoor seating (and a bocce court) and a calendar of events like movie nights and free workout classes, and you have this magical oasis in Union Square Park. The pies are a hybrid between Neapolitan and New York style, fired in a wind-powered oven and topped with ingredients (like green garlic and heirloom tomatoes) fresh from the Greenmarket next door.

20 Union Square W.;

oath pizza nyc
Courtesy of Oath Pizza

Oath Pizza

The latest outpost of a Nantucket-based pizzeria has a unique and admirable concept: It’s the only Certified Humane pizza place in the country, using only ethically sourced ingredients with no artificial preservatives, hormones or antibiotics. So chowing down on pies like the pastrami-topped Reuben and the potato-and-bacon Dougie is essentially a good deed.

1142 Third Ave.;

di fara pizza
Courtesy of Di Fara

Di Fara At North 3rd Street Market

If you’re serious about your New York pizza education, you very likely have this Midwood pizzeria on your list. But before you know it, six years have gone by and you still haven’t made the Q-train pilgrimage. Well, the legendary spot now has a counter inside a Williamsburg food hall, and while you may not have Dom DeMarco himself snipping the basil, the pizza is just as life-changing. (Bonus: The lines are way shorter than at the original.)

103 N. Third St., Brooklyn;

black square pizza
Alexander Stein

Black Square

The signature offering at this new spot, from a Roberta’s alum and the co-owners of Gansevoort Market, is—spoiler alert—both black and square. (The color comes not from controversial activated charcoal but from cuttlefish ink.) Aside from the obvious Instagram potential, look for premium toppings like soy-marinated ribeye.

44 Ninth Ave.;

emmy squared pizza1
Courtesy of Emmy Squared

Emmy Squared

Speaking of squares, one of our favorite purveyors of the shape—more specifically, Detroit-style pizza—recently rolled out a new location in the East Village. We’re partial to the Marn Blanc (a white pie topped with ricotta, Pecorino and caramelized onions) and the mind-blowing burger. (We fully support ordering two entrees in this case.)

83 First Ave.;

paulie gees slice shop nyc

Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop

There must be something in the air because yet another pizza mainstay is expanding, this time with a casual slice joint, set to open in late August. With classic slices, squares and a vegan menu, there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone.

110 Franklin St., Brooklyn;

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