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If summer drinking in NYC were a game of bingo, we’d already be well on our way to filling our board with rooftops, beer gardens and patios. But there’s one coveted square you need to check off before summer’s over: the elusive bar on a boat. And these seven buoyant options are just the ticket.

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grand banks oyster bar NY boats
Alexander Pincus

Grand Banks

This Hudson River oyster bar has quickly become a warm-weather staple, probably because it excels at pitch-perfect nautical ambience, top-notch cocktails and lobster rolls. (The summer trifecta, if you will.)

Pier 25, Hudson River Park (N. Moore St. at West St.);

island oyster bar governors island NY boats
Island Oyster

Island Oyster

OK, it’s not technically on a boat, but you have to take a boat to get there, so we’re counting it. This new 32,000-square-foot beer garden on Governors Island is already serving beer, wine and cocktails, with food service rolling out soon (including, yes, great oysters). And if those yellow-striped awnings look familiar, that’s because it’s by the same folks behind Grand Banks.

Governors Island Ferry Dock;

Brooklyn Barge

There are few better ways to watch the sunset than while on a floating barge, with adobo chicken tacos and a lavender-honey Tom Collins in front of you. And if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, stop by during the day for kayaking and paddle-boarding lessons.

East River at Milton Alley, Brooklyn;

north river lobster company boats NY
North River Lobster Company

North River Lobster Company

Look, we can get down with a lobster roll pretty much anywhere (even Times Square), but ideal conditions require proximity to water. This west side boat not only gets you right on the Hudson, it actually sets sail on mini cruises throughout the day for maximum seafaring vibes.

Pier 81 (12th Ave. at W. 41st St.);

hudsons pier 81 boats NY


Looking to continue your night while avoiding dry land? Head next door—er, next dock—to North River Lobster Co. to this newly opened three-story yacht lounge, which features a seafood-focused menu (saffron mussels, branzino fillet) both at the dock and on nightly cruises.

Pier 81 (12th Ave. at W. 41st St.);

the honorable william wall NY boats
The Honorable William Wall

The Honorable William Wall

Disembarking onto the clubhouse for the Manhattan Yacht Club feels like entering some kind of Atlantis in the middle of the Hudson—despite its loveliness, it’s managed to retain sorta-secret status. But trust us, the experience is totally worth the $20 ticket to get there.

Depart from the WFC Ferry Terminal (Hudson River at Vesey St.);

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The Grand Banks team just can’t stop enabling our summer-drinking dreams: Last summer, it introduced a second boat-slash-bar at Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park, in the form of a historic 93-year-old schooner that has ferried soldiers in wartime, served as a research vessel and sailed around the world twice. (NBD.) In its current life, it’s the perfect hangout for many an August night.

Pier 6 (Brooklyn Bridge Park), Brooklyn; 

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