All 5 Loverboy Canned Spritzes, Ranked from Tasty to Ridiculously Refreshing

Loverboy is famous for its canned hard teas and cocktails. But our favorite category is hands-down the spritzes, since they’re just effervescent enough to be supremely refreshing and they come in subtle-yet-satisfying flavors that taste like summer. Each photo-worthy can clocks in at 6 percent ABV, so you can nurse them all day long (at the beach, campsite, picnic—you name it) without getting too reckless. Below, we’ve ranked all five of the brand’s spritzes from tasty to mind-blowingly delicious for your sipping pleasure.

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Are spicy margaritas your go-to bev? Then you’ll adore this combination of ripe mango puree, natural peach flavor and a touch of chile pepper. The carbonation really helps temper the luscious sweetness of the fruit, so it won’t bog you down on an excessively hot day.

If you’re a dinner-party-in-the-herb-garden type of girly, the blueberry-lemon variety is for you. Juicy summer fruit, bitter, zesty lemon and just a touch of fresh basil make this sipper feel elegant, seasonal and refined. But it’s far from bougie, thanks to being canned.  

This beauty is waiting for its beachside debut. It has a hint of honeysuckle, but tropical flavors of lip-smacking passion fruit and richly sweet guava really take the lead. “I’m a sucker for guava-based pastelitos, so I’m biased,” says VP of editorial Candace Davison. “Orange wine and carbonated water keep it from tasting like a liquid Jolly Rancher, creating a smooth, sippable drink for scorching days.”

Ready for your White Lotus moment? This new flavor is loaded with lemon juice, a touch of Himalayan pink salt and, of course, amore. “If crisp, clean wines and bright, citrusy cocktails are your thing, you need to try this,” says associate food editor Taryn Pire. “Made with monk fruit, it’s just sweet enough without being cloying. The modestly boozy orange wine base makes it super crushable, and gentle bubbles up the refreshment factor just right.”

Sweet-tart kiwi and pear juice concentrates star in this unexpected variety. A touch of ginger extract rounds out its fruitiness, making for an optimally balanced spritz. “It has a bit more of a muted flavor, making it not overly sweet,” explains editorial assistant Delia Curtis. “It’s still very fruity and botanical, but refreshing and summery at the same time. I also love the green can. It’s really leaning into the sort of chartreuse green that’s been all over the place lately.”

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