The 30 Best Halloween Window Decor Ideas of 2022

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Now that you have your 6-foot-tall skeleton lounging on the lawn, it’s time to take the Halloween decor to the windows. After all, what’s the point in throwing a Harry Potter-themed party if you don’t have a few floating candles in the periphery? So, from heart-stopping animatronic witches to skull string lights, jack-o’-lantern decals, gothic curtains and more, see below for 30 of the best Halloween window decorations of 2022. 

20 Unique Halloween Decorations to Shop Now

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Grandin Road

1. Animatronic Tapping Witch

If you’re looking to make the trick-or-treaters jump out of their skin, this 3D witch is motion-activated to tap on your window (and we can only imagine their little faces when this thing starts to move).

halloween window decor 2
Oriental Trading

2. Boo Breaker Halloween Window Figure

A playful approach to Casper The Friendly Ghost, this adorable accent looks like it’s flying directly through the glass (just like a real ghost). Plus, it’s super easy to set up; the package includes two polyester ghost halves with attached suction cups to place on either side of your window.

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Halloween Costumes

3. Killer Clown Outdoor Hanging Decoration

With wire limbs that can be posed as desired, this statement-making clown attaches to glass and house siding, so it’ll look like you have a red-haired spy peering into your home. And don’t worry; it includes hooks on each hand for easy hanging.

halloween window decor 4
Pottery Barn

4. Harry Potter Floating Candle String Lights

This one goes out to all of our Harry Potter fans. The set includes one string of 10 hanging candle lights, and the battery-operated remote control features an on/off switch with a six-hour timer.

halloween window decor 5
Bed Bath & Beyond

5. Skull Lace Window Curtain

Loving this year’s Whimsigoth trend? This fringe curtain piece—which features a blend of spiders, skulls and bats—brings the gothic look into your windows. Oh, and did we mention that it can also be used as a lampshade topper?

halloween window decor 6

6. Devil Smile Glow-in-the-Dark Decals

This set of creepy devil-smile decals absorbs enough light in the sun to automatically glow in the dark. Perfect if you’re looking to keep things minimalist during the day.

halloween window decor 7

7. Dazzle Bright RGB Flashing Eyes String Lights

Or, if you want to give those glow-in-the-darks an upgrade, try dangling this set of color-changing string lights from your curtain rod (or create a floating effect by sticking each pair of eyes onto the window with double-sided tape). The set is waterproof (so you can hang it outside the window) and features RGB changing lights on a battery-operated timer.

halloween window decor 8

8. Acrylic Window Hanging Bats

Who says Halloween decor has to be ugly? These acrylic window-hanging bats include a pop of emerald green (which is totally in line with this year’s color trends).

halloween window decor 9
Halloween Costumes

9. Spooky Girl Window Backdrop Halloween Decoration

Not to be dramatic, but if we saw this spooky girl in our neighbor’s window during any other season, we’d call the police. Luckily, it’s Halloween, and this frightening window backdrop includes grommets for hanging.

halloween window decor 10

10. Halloween Projector With Built-In Speakers

This holographic projector includes built-in speakers and six pre-loaded Halloween effects for a no-muss, no-fuss window decor option. Just be sure to invest in a rear projection screen to make the visuals pop.

halloween window decor 11
Pottery Barn

11. Set of 4 Hanging Skull LED String Lights

Skeletons are a Halloween staple. Each LED skull in this set includes a 45-inch clear line that creates the illusion that they’re floating in mid-air. Plus, it’s safe for outdoor use and includes a six-hour timer feature.

halloween window decor 12
West Elm

12. Twigs and Bird Wreath

Perfect for hanging on windows and front doors alike, this Styrofoam wreath boasts crows and faux twigs in a black-on-black finish.

halloween window decor 13
Oriental Trading

13. Haunted Window Boards

Give your haunted house some mystique by boarding up your windows (and leaving the frights inside to your neighbors’ imagination). Not to mention that it’s super easy to set up; the set includes four polypropylene boards and eight pieces of double-sided tape.

halloween window decor 14

14. Turnmeon 4-Foot Halloween Inflatable

This four-foot jack-o’-lantern inflatable looks like it’s coming right at you—and it features red flame LED lights inside of the ghost’s body, glowing in the night. It also comes with three screw suckers, one fastened tether, a built-in fan and a plug, so you have everything you need to bring this guy to life.

halloween window decor 15

15. Ghoul Wall or Window Decal

This eerie ghoul decal has customizable size options and 19 colorways to choose from (including bloody burgundy, our fave). Plus, you can apply it on virtually any surface—from windows and walls to mirrors, doors, refrigerators…you get the picture.

halloween window decor 16
Halloween Costumes

16. Hanging Dracula's Pub Sign

Looking for something different? You can hang (or lean) this light-up Dracula sign in the window to turn your home into a “villains only” pub.

halloween window decor 17
Bed Bath & Beyond

17. Bones Halloween Door/Window Curtain Panel

Made from lace with 100 percent cotton lining, this curtain panel can be hung on a rod pocket to easily showcase its skeleton, spiderweb and jack-o’-lantern design.

halloween window decor 18

18. Scary Peepers Creepy Window Cling Figurine

Yet *another* adhesive window decal, this one features an ultra-spooky clown that’ll definitely catch a few trick-or-treaters off-guard.

halloween window decor 19
Oriental Trading

19. Hanging Bag of Doll Heads

With a built-in hanger on the bag, this set of 12 doll heads will definitely set the tone for when guests arrive at your spooky soiree.

halloween window decor 20

20. Pre-Lit Ghost Silhouette

This light-up ghost silhouette is the perfect alternative if you’re looking to break up all of the spiderwebs and hanging bats.

halloween window decor 21

21. Halloween Stained Glass Spiderweb

Handmade from Tiffany glass, this stained-glass spiderweb is at the top of our list for unique Halloween decor.

halloween window decor 22

22. 11-Piece Monsters Inc. Window Clings

Our top family-friendly decal pick? This 11-piece window cling, which features all of our favorite characters from Monsters Inc. (AKA our favorite Pixar flick).

halloween window decor 23

23. 150-Count Orange LED String Lights

Simple yet festive, this set of indoor-outdoor string lights can be draped over your curtains to create a warm orange ambiance. And as a bonus, it features eight combinations of wave patterns and a six-hour, battery-operated timer.

halloween window decor 24

24. Zcaukya Spider Web LED

Every window needs at least one spider web. This 2-foot LED should be yours. (Plus, it’s weather-resistant.)

halloween window decor 25

25. Sun Catcher Jack-O’-Lanterns

Constructed with a rainbow prismatic design, this set of 14 jack-o’-lantern window clings can add a shimmery hint of glam.

halloween window decor 26

26. Incandescent Gauze Garland Indoor-Outdoor Lights

These decorative string lights feature incandescent orange lights decorated with tattered black gauze fabric for an eerie effect. Simply drape it over your curtain rod (or hang it from the outside, since it’s completely weatherproof).

halloween window decor 27
Meri Meri

27. Set of Three Vintage Giant Halloween Skeletons

Something for vintage lovers, this set of three old-school skeletons can be hung individually; each one includes a metallic copper hanging loop that can be tied in the hole in the top of the head.

halloween window decor 28
Bed Bath & Beyond

28. Gemmy Misting Lab Beaker Halloween Decoration

Perfect for anyone who wants to channel their inner Walter White, this misting lab beaker can be placed on a window sill for an eerie green glow. What’s more, it features sound effects and illumination that activates with the push of a button and a "Poison" warning label on the front for an extra punch.

halloween window decor 29
Neiman Marcus

29. Mackenzie-Childs Set Of 2 Halloween Witch Legs

Taking “Wicked Witch of the West” to a new level, this striped set of legs is begging to be placed on an empty window sill (and is anyone else feeling a Wizard of Oz-themed party this year?)

halloween window decor 30

30. Hanging Spider Web and Witches Broom

Equipped with a broom and hanging spider web, this copper and tin corner accessory offers a subtle hint of spook.

The 8 Best Halloween Decorating Trends of 2022

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