Welp, Whimsigothic Bedrooms Are the Home Trend We Didn't See Coming

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As we head into fall—and prepare our feeds for bistro tables adorned with velvet-covered gourds and PSLs—we’ve noticed another theme emerging on TikTok: ethereal styles with a moody, dramatic edge. From Barbiecore and siren eyes to the woodland fairy wedding trend, it seems as if every aesthetic across fashion, beauty and home is telling the same, fantastical story. So, as we head into the season of witch movies and apple picking, it makes sense why we’d see the Whimsigoth trend exploding in interiors. 

Coined by Evan Collins, co-founder of the Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute: “[The Whimsigoth] aesthetic existed primarily in the late 1980s and mid-1990s, contemporaneous with the peak popularity of gothic-inspired pop/rock music.” Meaning, if Practical Magic and Kurt Cobain’s Smells Like Teen Spirit had a baby, it would be the Whimsigothic aesthetic. The style is a balancing act in and of itself, where warm, earthy jewel tones and sprawling greenery are offset by edgy, mystical decor. Think: smoky quartz crystals, hanging planters and celestial artwork complemented by plush patterned linens and wrought iron accents. Everything is boho yet witchy and verges on grunge with a hint of magic.

On one hand, we get why people are coveting this look for fall. It includes a hint of art deco, a sprinkle of cottagecore a dash of dark academia (i.e., the perfect interior potion for spooky season). Yet, on the other, it kind of feels like we’re regressing to our ’90s teenage bedroom. From the tapestries and tarot cards to matte skull candles that look like they’re straight out of Hot Topic, the aesthetic feels somewhat…juvenile. But it doesn’t have to be—below, find five ways to luxe-up a Whimsigothic bedroom so it passes for eclectic (even if it is just a last-ditch effort to reclaim our youth).

1. Golden Jewel Tones

Unlike the seductive bedroom trend, this look leans more boho than sultry. So, in order to keep the room from feeling too, uh, Wednesday Addams, you want to make sure you’re incorporating warm, autumnal jewel-toned colors. Think: amber, topaz and tiger eye stones that exude a golden hour glow. To that end, experts at Benjamin Moore recommend colors like Gemstone 265, Etruscan AF-355 and Fire Dance 2171-20 to bring a touch of enchantment into the space.

Get the look: Chenille tassel throw blanket ($36); 1970's orange yellow and brown cushion pillow ($42); Banord dimmable edison string lights ($39); Vintage double green glass swag hanging lamp ($450)

2. Velvet and Patterned Linens

By now, you’ve probably noticed that this look doesn’t shy away from texture and pattern. If your style skews more boho, opt for embroidered quilts or pillows that include ’70s curves and swirls. Otherwise, if the cluttercore trend gives you hives, stick with solid-colored velvets that can bring dimension to the bed without making it too visually busy.

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3. Wrought Iron Furniture

If there’s one thing every Whimsigoithic bedroom has, it’s wrought iron furniture. It ties in the “gothic” element of the look—from a rubbed iron headboard to a vintage studded side table that oozes ‘90s grunge. Take it from above, where the bedroom’s vibrant wall color is contrasted by a two-tone iron bed frame. 

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4. Greenery, Candles and Celestial Decor

Now, for the fun part: décor. First, be sure to work in some greenery to hit the “whimsi-” element of the look. Then, you can go to town with cozy candles (the more, the better) and celestial decor that’ll make your inner teenage witch sing. Think: crystals, evil eye mirrors, apothecary jars, tarot cards and throw pillows that boast the sun, moon or stars. 

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5. Art Deco Accents 

Finally, you want to incorporate eclectic art deco accents. This can be anything from metallic hues and geometric prints to a baroque-framed gallery wall. And of course, you want to make sure to include a few Victorian vases. Include a few vintage, 1920s-style accents to hit the “gothic” part of the look. 

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