Even if you don’t know much about Art Deco style...you know Art Deco style. (Think: The Great Gatsby; the Chrysler Building.) This jazzy period in American design was marked by cosmopolitan glamour, industrial influence and the overall suggestion of piles and piles of money. And according to Etsy’s 2019 Home Decor Trend Guide, it’s having a major renaissance across interiors. (It’s been searched for over 2.4 million times in the past three months alone.) Into it? Below, five staples of the era that’ll lend Deco panache to your own space.

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soothing bedoom deco
Courtesy of Czar Interiors

Geometric Patterns

Deco style was all about celebrating lines and using repetitive geometry. Textbook example: this lacquered statement wall by designer Lauren Czarniecki. Moldings a bit much for ya? Consider bringing in sophisticated, geometric motifs with your rug, bedding or both.

art Deco home decor 2
Courtesy of Black Sheep Interior Design

Man-Made Materials

Deco was all about showing off the innovations of the Machine Age: man-made materials like chrome, stainless steel, lacquer and mirrored surfaces. Chances are you are already have some of these elements in your kitchen and bath, so why not jazz up (sorry) the scene with matching sconces and towel hardware, à la Black Sheep Interior Design?

art Deco home decor 4
Courtesy of Marie Flanigan Interiors

Luxe Textures

If the Roaring Twenties were a fabric, they’d be velvet. For #fancy vibes chez vous, consider reupholstering your timeworn furniture (this brass and navy velvet combo by Marie Flanigan Interiors is genius). Or at the very least, add some swanky throw pillows to the mix.

art Deco home decor 3
Courtesy of Decorist

Glam Lighting

PSA: Lighting is one of the easiest (and most timeless) ways to nod to Deco style, without being too on the nose. (See: this fab landing by Decorist designer Will Wick.) Prioritize sleek, streamlined and high-shine materials—and remember that globe lights and sunbursts are both chic lighting mainstays birthed during this movement!

art Deco home decor 1
Courtesy of Decorist

Animal References

Last but not least, work in some exotic animal prints, which were a hugely popular addition in the 20s, 30s and early 40s (and exemplary of pre-depression excess). This Decorist-designed vignette includes a zebra hide rug, leather upholstered stools and horn magnifying glass. Picture-perfect Deco vibes—suited for the 21st century.

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