Brightland Just Launched Two Raw Honeys That Are Just as Delicious as Their Olive Oils
Jill Burrow/Brightland

Brightland is famous for its handcrafted heirloom olive oils and zingy raw vinegars. Starting today, there’s yet another reason to shop the brand’s ever-growing online shop: honey. 

In conjunction with National Honey Month, Brightland just debuted The Couplet, a duo set of raw, unfiltered honeys. They’re sustainably sourced from third- and fourth-generation beekeeping families run by women-led teams who prioritize honeybee hive health. The apiaries Brightland works with maintain natural pollen grains, so the honey is more flavorful than the kind you buy at the supermarket. 

Like olive oil, honey is commonly diluted with additional ingredients, like sugary syrups, to cut costs. This not only depresses the price of real honey and puts beekeepers’ livelihood at risk, but it also deceives the customer. That’s why Brightland’s honeys are hand-selected and go straight from hive to jar: It maximizes their flavor and supports the industry.

After sampling almost 50 different types of honey, the brand decided on California orange blossom and Kauai wildflower honeys, both of which are intensely flavorful. The orange blossom one is made from golden honey and orange blossoms from single-estate orange groves in the Central Valley, which give it a floral, citrusy flavor profile. The wildflower variety is a deep-colored amber honey made from wild Hawaiian plants, like hibiscus, eucalyptus, passion and guava flowers, coffee trees and papaya trees. 

We’d add one to your cart ASAP, since odds are they won’t last long (after all, Brightland’s vinegars were in such high demand they had a 1,000-person waitlist). Once your honey arrives, drizzle it over ricotta toast, spicy pizza, cheese and crackers, fresh fruit or sandwiches.

Buy it ($42)

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