Frozen Honey Is the Strange Summer Treat TikTok Can't Get Enough of

It's a balmy July afternoon and as temperatures climb, you're looking to cool down. You head to the freezer to toss some ice cubes into your water bottle or grab a refreshing popsicle. Instead, you pull open the freezer drawer to find...three water bottles filled with honey. If you're living with an avid TikTok scroller, this doesn't come as a surprise. On the video platform, frozen honey has recently surged in popularity, with the hashtag amassing nearly 300 million views. But what exactly is frozen honey and why are TikTok users so fascinated by it? We'll (attempt to) explain this kitchen experiment turned summer dessert.

What is frozen honey?

Frozen honey is exactly what you'd imagine: honey that's been stored in the freezer for a few hours. But it's not technically "frozen." Since honey is made up of mostly sugar (and very little water), its freezing point is super low. Think: -50 degrees Fahrenheit low. Your household freezer will never be chilly enough to solidify it completely. Instead, it causes the honey to become extra viscous (and fun to play around with on TikTok).

Here's how the typical frozen honey video goes down: A creator pulls a bottle of honey from their freezer, squeezes the sweetener until it slowly rises up from a water bottle and then takes a large bite of the chewy treat. Some users have even mixed colorful Jell-O powders with the honey to add more visual intrigue. See what we mean here.

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Why is it so popular?

Judging from the above clips of thick, gooey honey oozing from bottles, we can assume the snack went viral for its visual satisfaction factor. Like slime, foam and magnetic sand that came before it, frozen honey appeals to the ever-growing ASMR community on TikTok. And bonus: You can actually eat it. For those craving a soothing sensory experience, staring into a spiral of bright red honey does the trick.

How does it taste?

We've established frozen honey looks spectacular, but how does it taste? It seems TikTokers are divided. After biting into the golden goo, TikTok creator @dawnfarmer says, "It's like candy honey. It's so good. I can see the hype." Another user, @hollyauna, exclaims, "No! What? I love honey but this is too much." It all comes down to your taste buds. If you're the type to wash down Sour Patch Kids with Sprite, you'll probably enjoy frozen honey. For everyone else, you might want to skip out on the sickly sweet treat. Where most taste testers agree is how much frozen honey to indulge in. As creator @codyldewitt shares, "I think I can only take one bite."

Should you try it?

If you've been keeping up with the latest TikTok trends, you know some are downright dangerous (think: evening out your teeth with a nail file or contouring with sunscreen). Be sure to approach frozen honey with the same level of caution. Health experts warn that eating too much of the sugary stuff can lead to digestional upset, shakiness or teeth problems. So while it's fun to watch clips of the food on your screen, chowing down on lots of frozen honey isn't worth the health risks.

The Verdict

TikTok trends come and go and we'll be happy to wave goodbye to frozen honey. Our advice: Save on food waste, water bottles and dentist bills. Make your own ice pops instead.

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