3 Simple Fashion Tricks That All Stylish Women Rely On

We all know that one woman who says she’s just going to “throw something on” for Saturday brunch...but when she shows up in slouchy trousers and pristine white sneakers, she looks more stylish than you ever have in your entire life. Yup, it’s exasperating to be out-dressed by your most fashionable friend time and time again. But the good news is that it’s not just her seemingly unlimited shopping budget or ability to find pristine vintage blazers on eBay that makes her look so well dressed. She’s likely relying on three simple but effective fashion tricks that all stylish women know. Read and learn.

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1. They Abide By The 1:2 Trend Ratio

What, you might be wondering, is the 1:2 trend ratio? Well, for every trendy item worn, it’s balanced out by the addition of two classic pieces. That might mean rocking a super trendy handbag with basic blue jeans and a tee. Or it could mean testing out the oversized collar trend with a leather moto jacket and simple heels. This ratio works because it allows the louder piece in your outfit to step into the spotlight, without looking garish or costume-y. (And before you ask, yes, it is possible to wear two trends at once—so long as you mix them with four super classic items.)

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2. They Remain Loyal To Quality Basics

Ask any fashion person and they’ll tell you that trustworthy basics are the building block to any good outfit. It might not seem obvious, but that statement blazer or incredible pair of oversized trousers aren’t going to look their best if your white tee has a sriracha stain down the front. That’s why stylish folks aren’t timid about buying their fave basics in bulk—that way they don’t lose a major part of their wardrobe after an unfortunate stain. Beyond scooping up multiples of their favorite tees, tanks and even skinny jeans, the intuitively stylish woman also conisders seasonless items—like a grey sweater and black trousers—to be a wardrobe staple.

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3. They Take New Leather Shoes *straight* To The Cobbler

Yes, seriously. The first stop for fashion gals after acquiring a new pair of leather heels, boots or flats is the local shoe repair shop, where they have one request: rubber soles, please. The affordable tweak keeps shoes from wearing out from frequent wear, and can save the bottoms should they meet an unexpected rainstorm or errant puddle. Experienced cobblers know to match the color of the leather to the rubber addition, so the quick fix is nearly invisible.

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