You put on your favorite skirt or your brand-new dress and it’s perfect. The only problem is deciding what shoes to wear. Like all fashion tips, this is just a suggestion (if you want to wear flats with a maxi skirt please go forth). But, if you’re stumped on shoe-dress pairings, read on for our go-to guidelines.

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woman wearing short checked skirt flat red loafers and red bag
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If Your Hemline Hits Above Your Knee...

Repeat after us: The shorter the hemline, the lower the heel. A miniskirt worn with sky-high stilettos can veer into tacky territory, but the same piece paired with loafers, ballet flats or even white sneakers looks cool and polished.

woman wearing long blue printed dress and pink heeled mules
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If Your Hemline Hits Below Your Knee...

If heels can look a little much with a short skirt, the opposite (flats with a long skirt or dress) can feel a bit dowdy. We still love a good midi skirt-white sneaker combination, but when your legs are mostly covered up, you can afford to go a bit bolder where your heels are concerned and still look super refined.

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