32 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes We're Loving for 2022

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Halloween is approaching fast, so if you have yet to think about what you might want to dress as this year, now is the time to start planning. Yes, you could always default to a classic like Tom Cruise in Risky Business or a generic “scary” face mask you pick up at CVS. But pulling together a pop culture costume that works for this year and this year only is infinitely more fun and is sure to ring in many more compliments than a repeat of last year’s simple witch hat. Best of all, there are plenty of 2021-specific costumes you can pull together at the very last minute with pieces you already have tucked in your closet or stowed somewhere in the house.

Here, the 32 best pop culture Halloween costumes to wear in 2022 (and a few honorable mentions from 2021).

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pop culture costumes helly
Apple TV+

1. Helly from Severance

What you need: Red wig, teal bodycon dress

What better way to celebrate the one show that we're all obsessed with? If you're still reeling from that big Helly reveal from season one (same), join her and the rest of the gang by dressing up as a severed employee at Lumon Industries.

Get the look: Ginger wig ($18); Teal blue dress ($14)

pop culture costumes serena
Mike Stobe/Getty Images

2. Serena Williams at the 2022 US Open

What you need: Workout dress, black headband, tennis racket, tennis shoes

The tennis legend played her final match at the U.S. Open this year, after announcing her retirement. So yes, this means it's the perfect time to channel our inner Serena and practice our serve. (Bonus point if you've got a mini-me to sport a matching outfit like Olympia.)

Get the look: Infinity dress ($60); Airlift headband ($22); Tennis racket ($32); Stan Smith shoes ($70)

pop culture costumes janine

3. Janine Teagues from Abbott Elementary

What you need: Beige turtleneck, brown skirt, waist belt, golden hoop earrings, lanyard

Let's face it: Janine is the second grade teacher we all wish we had—but we'll settle for watching her shenanigans with the rest of the staff at Abbott. (And of course, dressing up as her for Halloween.)

Get the look: Turtleneck long-sleeve top ($37); Stretchy waist belt ($8); Brown pleated skirt ($20); Gold hoop earrings ($14); Lanyard & badge holder ($9)

pop culture costumes jane foster
Marvel Studios

4. Jane Foster from Thor: Love and Thunder

What you need: Jane Foster costume set, booties

The super-powered Goddess of Thunder kept us all on the edge of our seats this summer, raking in an impressive $759 million at the box office. All you'll need to embody the fearless heroine is a simple costume set and some booties.

Get the look: Jane Foster Cosplay Costume ($135); Black booties ($100)

pop culture costumes league uniform
Columbia Pictures

5. Rockford Peaches Player from A League of Their Own

What you need: A League of Their Own costume set, white sneakers

Prime Video dropped a reboot of the classic film that's gotten plenty of praise, and we already have high hopes for season two. But for now, you can gather your squad and join the Rockford Peaches with these epic uniforms, complete with red caps and pink dresses.

Get the look: Baseball Dress Halloween Costume (from $48); Skechers BOBS ($35)

pop culture costumes queen elizabeth
Samir Hussein/WireImage

6. Queen Elizabeth II

What you need: Gray wig, lime green suit, green heels, silver brooch, pearl necklace, white gloves

You can honor the late queen by recreating one of her standout ensembles, which typically include an eye-catching suit, white gloves and a pearl necklace. If you want to take it up a notch, you can even pair the outfit with a matching hat.

Get the look: Costume queen wig ($20); ASOS lime green suit ($79); Steve Madden heels ($80) Rhinestone star brooch ($10); Pearl necklace ($18)

pop culture costumes wordle

7. Wordle Game

What you need: Wordle-themed dress, Wordle earrings

If you need some creative inspo that's got "2022" written all over it, then look no further than this word-teaser game, which took over social media and went viral at the beginning of the year. (Pro tip: Personalize your look by adding some letters to your Wordle-themed dress.)

Get the look: Power Language Wordle A-Line Dress ($52); Customizable Wordle earrings ($14)

pop culture costumes she hulk 1
Marvel Studios

8. Jennifer Walters from She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

What you need: Green body paint, She-Hulk costume set

No offense to Bruce Brenner, but his cousin is by far one the most fascinating heroes in the Marvel universe. You can either rock the classic superhero costume or recreate her most dazzling look with a sequin dress and some body paint. (Banner blood transfusions not required.)

Get the look: Green body paint ($14); Silver sequin dress ($64); Green black wig ($19)

pop culture costumes squid game
Courtesy of Netflix

9. Squid Game Contestant from Squid Game

What you need: Green track suit, white sneakers

Fortunately, you don't have to enter a deadly game to transform into a contestant from Squid Game. All you'll need is the classic green uniform (or the Triangle Guard Jumpsuit, if you're feeling bold).

Get the look: Squid Game Player 456 Adult Track Suit (from $42); White sneakers ($20)

pop culture costumes shuri
Marvel Studios

10. Shuri from Black Panther

What you need: Black Panther Shuri costume set, combat boots

We're sure you've heard the rumors about Shuri possibly stepping up to become the next Black Panther. And if you ask us, she definitely has what it takes. Take your own journey to Wakanda with the full costume, including a jumpsuit, armbands and knuckle busters.

Get the look: Rubie's Women's Deluxe Shuri Costume (from $43); Removable face tattoos ($9) Black combat boots ($70)

pop culture costumes lost city

11. Loretta Sage from The Lost City

What you need: Sparkly pink jumpsuit, pair of heels

Since Bullock played one of the standout characters in The Lost City—one of Paramount's biggest releases of the year—it's only fitting that you pay tribute to her character, Loretta.

Get the look: Wide Leg Sequin Slip Jumpsuit ($16); Black heels ($22)

pop culture costumes inventing anna
Courtesy of Netflix

12. Anna Delvey from Inventing Anna

What you need: Shawl scarf, bodycon dress, oversized sunglasses

Julia Garner definitely had fans talking with her standout performance as Anna Delvey, who scammed an entire community of socialites into thinking that she was a famous heiress. (One with great fashion taste, we might add.)

Get the look: Floral print shawl scarf ($9); Off the shoulder bodycon dress ($43); Oversized sunglasses ($14)

pop culture costumes evelyn
IAC Films

13. Evelyn Wang from Everything Everywhere All At Once

What you need: Cosplay Costume, Googly eye sticker, Black jeans

Evelyn starts off as a seemingly normal mom, then blossoms into a powerful heroine who embarks on a complicated quest to rescue her daughter. While there are quite a few memorable moments across parallel universes, it's this epic action sequence that's seared into our memory.

Get the look: Evelyn Wang Cosplay Costume ($47); Googly eye stickers ($6); Black skinny jeans ($35)

costumes lotr
Amazon Studios

14. Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

What you need: Galadriel dress, blonde wig

Sure, you could opt for LOTR staples like Frodo or Gandalf, but why not take a trip to Middle Earth as the younger version of Galadriel? She's the bold, fierce heroine we can't help but root for—and this costume is sure to turn heads.

Get the look: Galadriel Cosplay Costume Dress ($70); Blonde wig ($20); Elf ears ($7)

pop culture costumes mabel
Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

15. Mabel Mora from Only Murders in the Building

What you need: Faux fur coat, plaid pants, beanie, headphones

If we could add every outfit of Mabel's into our own fall closet, we totally would. But if we had to pick her best look so far, then it would have to be this cozy/chic yellow ensemble.

Get the look: Yellow faux fur coat ($54): Heartbreak tailored plaid pants ($40) Zando Beanie ($7); Wireless headphones ($25)

pop culture costumes kate
Courtesy of Netflix

16. Kate Sharma from Bridgerton

What you need: Teal regency dress, heels, teardrop earrings

If you’re looking for a costume that's equal parts glamorous and elegant, you’d be hard pressed to find better inspiration than Bridgerton's Kate Sharma.

Get the look: Satin Vintage Regency Dress ($30); Patent Leather Pumps ($31); Teal drop earrings ($26)

daphne bridgeron best pop culture halloween costumes 2021

17. Daphne Bridgerton from Bridgerton

What you need: Empire-waist gown, long gloves and a dainty tiara

Speaking of Bridgerton, Daphne is another brilliant source of inspiration for your royal look. If you want to add a special extra touch, tote around a pamphlet from Lady Whistledown with all the hottest gossip from the year.

Get the look: Princess tiara ($23); Lace gloves ($6); Blue maxi dress ($36)

armond from white lotus best pop culture halloween costumes 2021

18. Armond from The White Lotus

What you need: Pink suit, Hawaiian shirt and a bottle of pills

All you need to transform your Hopper getup into Armond from The White Lotus is to swap those jeans for a pink (or other pastel-hued) suit and slip a bottle of pills into the breast pocket.

Get the look: Cambridge blazer ($200) and pants ($60); Floral shirt ($15)

ted lasso best pop culture halloween costumes 2021
Apple TV+

19. Anyone from Ted Lasso

What you need: ’70s sunglasses, mustache, coach’s jacket and a whistle

We can’t get enough of Ted Lasso’s infectious positivity, or his comfy coaching outfit. Etsy has great options if you want to buy a realistic looking team jacket or uniform, or you can use colorful washi tape and a printed out Richmond logo to transform any navy zip-up into a coach Lasso’s jacket.

Get the look: Fake mustache ($12); Whistle ($7); Le Specs sunglasses ($89); Track Blue Jacket ($68)

britney spears best pop culture halloween costumes 2021
Lester Cohen/BBMA2016/Getty Images for dcp

20. Britney Spears

What you need: Long blonde wig, sparkly minidress and handcuffs

The Free Britney movement really came to a head in 2021 with Spears’s father finally agreeing to step down as her conservator and allow her to regain control of her life and assets. If you have an old Britney costume (like her Oops!... I Did It Again red catsuit, her Hit Me Baby One More Time schoolgirl ensemble or her 2001 VMAs look complete with boa constrictor) you can simply add a pair of handcuffs and a sign reading “Free Britney”, or you can slip into any sparkly minidress you own to embody red carpet Brit.

Get the look: Blonde wig ($23); Lovers + Friends dress ($178); Handcuffs ($11)

Gabby Windey 1
Craig Sjodin / Getty Images

21. Gabby Windey from The Bachelorette

What you need: A fancy dress and a rose

Dust off that old prom dress and beach waver, baby. If you want to go for an edgier Thurston moment, swap the rose for a glow-in-the-dark vibrator as a callback to her unforgettable introduction on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor.

Get the look: Faux rose ($17); Camila One Shoulder Dress ($72); Black sandal heels (from $20)

wandavision best pop culture halloween costumes 2021
Walt Disney Pictures

22. Wanda Maximoff from Wandavision

What you need: Red one-piece bathing suit, pink tights, red shoes, cape, gloves and Wanda’s signature headpiece

There are tons of fun Wanda looks you can recreate from this time-hopping series, but if you don’t want to be confused for Lucy Ricardo or a generic ’60s babe, opt for Wanda’s very meta Scarlet Witch costume from the show’s Halloween episode. (P.S. If you want to make the headpiece yourself, here’s an easy tutorial using cardboard.)

Get the look: V-Bathing suit (from $24); Sheertex tights ($44); Ninety Union boots ($90); Superhero cape ($10); Wanda Maximoff headpiece ($18); Babeyond opera gloves ($11)

deborah vance from hacks best pop culture halloween costumes 2021

23. Deborah Vance from Hacks

What you need: Sequin everything and a microphone

Be sure to work on your tight five before hitting up any parties...or at the very least prepare a few quippy comebacks that would make a legend like Deborah Vance proud.

Get the look: Pecan sequin duster ($88); Prop microphone ($7)

harry styles 2021 grammys best pop culture halloween costumes 2021
Anthony Pham via Getty Images

24. Harry Styles at the 2021 Grammys

What you need: Black leather jacket and pants, and a green feather boa

Harry Styles is our fashion inspiration for pretty much every other day of the year, so why not use him to craft your Halloween costume too? Besides, how often does one find an excuse to wrap oneself in a feather boa for the evening?

Get the look: Leather trench coat ($199); Vegan leather pants ($98); Feather boa ($13)

beth harmon from the queens gambit best pop culture halloween costumes 2021

25. Beth Harmon from The Queen’s Gambit

What you need: Red wig, ’60s staples and a portable chess board

Feel free to rock just about any Mod-inspired pieces you have in your wardrobe—so long as you have Beth’s signature flippy red hair-do down everyone will know exactly who you’re supposed to be.

Get the look: Red wig ($36); Chess set ($17); ModCloth dress ($55)

betty best pop culture halloween costumes 2021

26. Anyone from Betty

What you need: Skateboard, crop top, loose shorts, lots of vibrant colors and Vans sneakers

This HBO hit is worth the watch for the clothes alone and definitely makes for one of the most fun costume inspirations, as well as a great group costume idea. Pile on the checkerboard prints, crop tops and eclectic prints. Clip a portable speaker onto a chain necklace to incorporate Honeybear’s signature piece.

Get the look: Retrospec skateboard ($40); Marble print tee ($7); Nike Jordan shorts ($67); Vans sneakers ($60)

bernie sanders 2021 inauguration best pop culture halloween costumes 2021

27. Bernie Sanders and His Mittens

What you need: Blue medical face mask, gray parka, black pants and hand-knit mittens

So, you want a fun pop culture costume that prioritizes comfort over everything else? Look no further than Bernie’s iconic inauguration getup. It’ll keep you warm, cozy and safe from spreading disease, all with a hilarious pop culture twist.

Get the look: Etsy mittens ($28); 3-Ply face masks ($11); ASOS coat ($41); The high-way jean ($98)

mare of easttown best pop culture halloween costumes 2021

28. Mare from Mare Of Easttown

What you need: Circle scarf, comfy layers, jeans and a messy bun

Another comfortable costume idea, this one leaves your hands free to search for clues gobble up some Halloween-theme snacks at the party.

Get the look: Lululemon scarf ($48); Vero Moda jacket ($33); Mable quilted jacket ($99); Levi’s jeans ($98)

hopper stranger things
courtesy of netflix

29. Hopper from Stranger Things

What you need: A Hawaiian shirt, light-wash jeans and a mustache

As we continue to freak out over season four, we might as well channel Hopper's laid-back, Hawaiian shirt-ed style. Simple, comfortable and can also pass as someone’s dad on vacation in the ‘80s in case people aren’t familiar with Stranger Things.

Get the look: Fake mustache ($14); Hawaiian shirt ($15); Levi’s jeans ($98)

fran lebowitz best pop culture halloween costumes 2021
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Netflix

30. Fran Lebowitz

What you need: Round glasses, oversize button-down shirt and blazer, loose jeans and practical boots

Martin Scorsese’s Pretend It’s a City made us fall in love with Lebowitz all over again and introduced the writer to a whole new group of fans ready to embrace her signature no-fuss style.

Get the look: Diff glasses ($85); Black blazer ($63); Classic cotton shirt ($33); Lucky Brand jeans ($40); Timberland boots ($135)

barb and star best pop culture halloween costumes 2021

31. Star And Barb from Barb And Star Go To Vista Del Mar

What you need: Tropical tops, elastic-waist capri pants, leis and a tropical cocktail

The brighter and tackier the clothing, the better. You can also add a visor or large sunhat and oversize sunglasses, or opt for a one-piece bathing suit and coordinating sarong. And don’t forget to blow your hair into voluminous mid-western curls for the perfect finishing touch.

Get the look: King Kameha shirt ($18); L.L.Bean capris ($60); Pack of 12 leis ($12); South Beach straw hat ($18)

emma stone as cruella best pop culture halloween costumes 2021
Walt Disney Pictures

32. Cruella De Vil from Cruella

What you need: Black-and-white wig, red lipstick, an edgy black jacket or dress, or a red gown

There are multiple looks you can recreate from this fashionable film—Cruella’s stunning red gown, her black leather jacket with checkerboard sleeves (above), her bold-shouldered fashion show ensemble—but as long as you’ve got the hair you can sport just about any wild black-and-white getup you’d like.

Get the look: Black-and-white wig ($18); MAC Retro Matte Lipstick ($19); Vintage jacket ($279); BB Dakota skirt ($79); Katie May gown ($298)