We Have a Theory This Side Character Will Play a Major Part in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3

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Still from 'Bridgerton.'
Liam Daniel/Netflix

*Warning: Major spoilers ahead for ‘Bridgerton’ and Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’*

The Bridgerton universe (based on Julia Quinn's Regency-era romance novels) is carefully constructed with a cast of characters who alternate between funneling gossip and falling in love. Of course, as any devoted viewer knows, the residents of the ton get their main source of hearsay from the verbose, Gossip Girl-esque Lady Whistledown (who, at the end of season one, is revealed to be none other than Penelope Featherington). And now, it's nearly Penelope's (Nicola Coughlan) turn to shine, as she will be the lead of the forthcoming season three, alongside Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton).

But while it's confirmed these two will be the stars of Bridgerton season three, the recent prequel series, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, suggests that one side character may also come to the forefront and surprise us all: Brimsley (Hugh Sachs).

Still from 'Bridgerton.'
Liam Daniel/Netflix

Okay, hear us out—it's unlikely that Brimsley will became one of the main characters of season three, but it seems that he could have a larger role than ever before.

For context: In Queen Charlotte, viewers were finally given the background of the man who always stands by Queen Charlotte's (Golda Rosheuvel) side...and it was emotional, to say the least.

In flashbacks, we watched as Queen Charlotte navigated the ups and downs of her relationship with King George III (Corey Mylchreest). At the same time, young Brimsley (Sam Clemmett) was maintaining a secret affair with the king's secretary, Reynolds (Freddie Dennis). However, the dissolution of Brimsley and Reynolds's relationship was left up to interpretation, and all we know is that years later, Brimsley continues to work diligently for the queen, remaining single and unmarried.

The release of Queen Charlotte before season three of Bridgerton feels like no accident.

Throughout the main series, viewers have watched the queen try desperately to track down the frank and informed Lady Whistledown, and until Queen Charlotte, we knew little else about the royal figure besides her obsession with this hunt. Then, the spinoff allowed viewers to finally see a greater picture of the queen, which will be useful context as we enter a season that highlights the girl behind the quill (AKA Queen Charlotte's nemesis).

But we can't help but wonder if Brimsley's history will be useful for season three as well. If you look at it, the queen's secretary is very similar to our season three heroine in that he also spends a lot of time standing in the shadows and absorbing the ton's gossip. Maybe he and Penelope will develop an unlikely friendship, and he will aide Penelope when Queen Charlotte (inevitably) finds out about her hidden identity. Maybe, like Penelope, he too will finally get the romantic ending he deserves.

bridgerton hero
Colin Hutton/Netflix

Without a release date for season three of Bridgerton, we'll have plenty of time to dream up more theories. But for now, we'd bet you a bag of shillings that Brimsley will have an important arc to the story.

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