The Oscars Has Us a Bit Concerned This Early 2000s Trend Has Returned

Hollywood's biggest night is officially underway and, as always, there's plenty of glitz and glamour on the Oscars red carpet. But what we didn't expect to see is the comeback of this major Y2K trend: statement necklaces.

If you've been keeping a close eye on the red carpet, you'll notice that quite a few stars took their chic ensembles to the next level by adding a dazzling statement piece, whether it be a bold and oversized necklace or geometric earrings. Keep reading to see which celebrities gave us a dose of nostalgia with their bling.

florence tiffanys necklace
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1. Florence Pugh

The actress donned a sparkly, futuristic necklace in platinum with diamonds by Tiffany & Co., along with earrings in platinum with pink tourmalines and diamonds. This bling totally complements her glam-punk style.

sandra oh necklace
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2. Sandra Oh

The Grey's Anatomy actress paired her bright orange Giambattista Valli gown with an eye-catching, jewel-encrusted choker.

sofia carson 1
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3. Sofia Carson

To complete her regal look, Carson wore a Chopard necklace, which features over 92 carats of diamonds and more than 122 carats in emeralds. NBD.

angela bassett necklace
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4. Angela Bassett

We're definitely seeing a pattern with the regal looks here. The Black Panther star channeled her inner queen with a purple gown, but we can't get over that sparkly serpent necklace.

cara delevigne 1
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5. Cara Delevingne

Speaking of serpents, Delevingne upped her fashion game with a three-strand diamond choker, featuring a snake head with an emerald eye.

janelle monae
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6. Janelle Monae

The singer and actress's black choker, which features diamonds shaped in a flower, was definitely a standout accessory.

jessica necklace
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7. Jessica Chastain

The star is giving total Jessica Rabbit vibes, but we can't get our eyes off of that green emerald necklace, courtesy of Gucci High jewelry.

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