9 Jewelry Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2024, According to Jewelers

We’re ready to bling out in the new year

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Here’s your sign to upgrade your jewelry collection in the new year. If you don’t know where to start, we asked top jewelers to share the coolest pieces to have on your radar now. Whether you're eyeing a trendy tennis bracelet, looking to get a new ear piercing or shopping for the perfect engagement ring, we predict these nine jewelry trends are going to be huge in 2024. Plus, we have a few styling tricks to make your new pieces truly shine.

Meet the Experts

  • Emily Shultz is a jewelry expert and buyer at Shane Co. She has 13 years of experience with the brand and three years of experience in merchandising and sales. She also has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in fashion merchandising. 
  • Kristy Cullinane is a jeweler and the co-founder of Plum Diamonds. She has 19 years of experience in jewelry, e-commerce and fashion. Her skills include product development, marketing, sales and advertising. 
  • Stephanie Lawler is vice president of merchandising at Signet Jewelers. She has over 13 years of experience in the jewelry industry as a buyer. She oversees the merchandising process for multiple companies such as Kay, Zales and Banter by Piercing Pagoda. She also has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in fashion merchandising. 

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1. Nature-Inspired Jewelry

A jewelry trend that’s going to be big in 2024? Nature-inspired pieces. As Shultz explains, this style draws heavy inspiration from the outside world using flowers, leaves and butterflies as centerpieces. “Nature-inspired jewelry has been around for hundreds of years, as jewelers consistently turn to nature for influence. We are going to see more variety in the styles, which has attracted more people to the idea of it,” she shares. “These pieces can either be worn as a single statement or blended into your everyday jewelry. They add a whimsical touch to any outfit. I predict we’ll see its peak of popularity in the spring and summer.” 

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2. Personalized Charms

We were super into friendship bracelets in 2023, so it’s no surprise more personalization will continue in the new year. “Personalization is not a new concept, but we are already seeing an increased demand for personalization beyond engraving. We’re seeing more customers interested in specific charms or gemstones that represent their favorite color, birthstone or shape,” says Shultz. “There’s a desire to break off from the mainstream and wear one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your individuality. Charm bracelets are the next iteration of beaded bracelets and necklaces as they offer an easy way to add your own uniqueness to everyday pieces.” 

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3. Mixing Metals

Who said you had to stick to just gold or strictly silver pieces? In 2024, we’re mixing up our metals. “For years, we’ve operated on this idea that metals should match. While this still remains true for most people when they’re selecting what jewelry to wear, we’re seeing the fashion industry really embrace the idea that mixing metals can create a dynamic and stylish look,” says Shultz. “The blend of warm and cool tones complements a range of outfits, plus it creates an endless amount of stacking and layering options.” So, don’t be afraid to rock gold earrings with your sterling silver necklace. There’s also the option of dabbling in another trend: two-tone jewelry that blends both materials together into one distinct piece for you. 

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4. Marquise Diamond Rings

If we can bet on one shape that’ll be a hit for many brides next year, it’s the marquise diamond. “These elongated, geometric-shaped diamonds seem to be popping up everywhere. It feels like an ‘80s throwback, but with today’s settings to make it feel brand new. Plus, they look very large for their carat weight compared to other diamond shapes, which is a nice perk,” Cullinane shares. 

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5. Vintage Cuts

Whether you prefer the Old European or Old Mine cut, Cullinane is already seeing more requests for these specific diamond cuts. “The [Old European] tends to be chunkier and isn’t always perfectly round compared to the traditional and [more symmetrical] round brilliant cut,” she explains. The Old Mine cut has a rounded and a more elongated shape that gives it a unique vintage feel that Cullinane notes is also popular at the moment.

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6. Toi et Moi Styles

What’s better than sporting one stone on your finger? Wearing two dazzling gems, of course. “While they were a favorite among celebrities in 2023, we believe that Toi et Moi rings will rise in popularity in 2024. We will see different fancy cut stones or various gemstones (like opal or emerald) paired together,” says Lawler. This idea stems from the new engagement trend that has brides moving away from traditional diamond rings and leaning towards other gems like morganite, aquamarine and yellow quartz. “We love that consumers are using the engagement ring as another way to show off their unique style and want something with a pop of color,” she adds. 

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7. Quiet Luxury

Quiet Luxury has been all over our wardrobes and beauty looks, so it’s no surprise that the aesthetic has made its way into our jewelry, too. “Quiet Luxury will continue to be a popular trend in 2024, as it focuses on timeless styles and making investments in classic pieces,” says Lawler. From tennis bracelets to slim vintage watches to small huggies, the aesthetic is all about wearing minimal, high-quality pieces from your collection.  

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8. Asymmetrical Ear Stacks

Jewelry stacking isn’t new, but the way we approach decorating our ears is going to change in 2024. “Asymmetrical ear stacks allow consumers to create a look that is unique to their ear’s distinct anatomy,” says Lawler. To achieve this look, Lawler shares two ways of making it your own. One, you can rock two studs on one side, and four chic hoops on the other ear, including cartilage piercings. Another option is to wear dangling statement earrings on one side, while outfitting the other side with smaller studs. Similar to mixing metals, this trend allows you to rock different types of earrings for fun. 

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9. Tragus and Septum Piercings

Are you looking to add a second piercing in the new year? Lawler predicts tragus and septum piercings are going to have their moment in 2024. “The tragus is the perfect place for something small and simple that really balances the ear. Meanwhile, the rise in septum piercings is being driven by some elevated jewelry styles that go beyond the standard hoop,” shares Lawler. From Rihanna to Florence Pugh, here’s your sign to elevate your jewelry game. 

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