11 Engagement Ring Trends for 2024 That Will Make You Say ‘I Do’

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Beneath the glitter and glitz, shopping for an engagement ring is a serious task. After all, you’re choosing one piece of jewelry you’ll (hopefully) wear for the rest of your life. Not to mention the fact that an engagement ring will also hold a deep, symbolic meaning. When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, you want to get it right, but the options may feel overwhelming. Should you pick a lab-grown diamond? What about moissanite? Should you go for a gemstone? Stones aside, what type of band and setting will you choose? Pavé? Bezel? Cathedral? Solitaire? And then there’s the voice in the back of your mind that’s wondering what everyone else is wearing. To make the decision process a little easier, we chatted with jewelry experts about the most popular engagement ring styles to consider in 2024. That said, they emphasized that at the end of the day, it all comes down to what you want. Even it if seems crazy.

“We’ve seen customers put together multiple page documents as a definitive guide to what they want in a ring,” shares Janie Marshall, head of brand at Clean Origin. “Don’t be scared to be open about your preferences, and share what they are—saying things like, ‘I don’t like the tall diamond solitaire setting,’ or ‘I want a diamond that looks big’ can help point everyone in the right direction and ensure that you end up with a ring that you love for a lifetime.”

Jean Dousset, founder and CEO of his eponymous brand, echoes Marshall’s advice. “The style of the ring and shape of the diamond has to be [your] decision—and only [your] decision. Your partner who isn’t wearing the ring shouldn’t influence what it ultimately looks like. They need to be supportive of [your] choices.” Dousset also encourages the wearer not to second-guess themselves. “The ring that keeps circling through your mind as you explore all these different design options is your ring. Because of the magnitude of the choice, people tend to torture themselves by second-guessing their original preference. If there is a style or shape that consistently cycles through your decision-making process, that’s where you should focus.”

With all that said, here are the top engagement ring trends for 2024—all of which make us want to say, “I do!”

Meet the Experts

  • Jean Dousset is the founder and CEO of his eponymous brand. After working with some of the most significant names in jewelry making and design including Chaumet, Boucheron and Van Cleef & Arpels, the great-great-grandson of Louis Cartier is considered a top expert in high jewelry and bespoke diamond jewelry.
  • Page Neal is the co-founder of Bario Neal, a sustainable jewelry company specializing in ethical, bespoke engagement, wedding, custom and fine jewelry.
  • Janie Marshall is the head of brand at Clean Origin, a lab-diamond jewelry brand founded by a third-generation jeweler. The brand is committed to ethical jewelry production that is environmentally conscious.
  • Kathryn Money is the SVP of merchandising and retail expansion at Brilliant Earth, an ethical and environmentally responsible jeweler specializing in engagement and fashion jewelry.

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engagement ring trends 2024: jean dousset Elle Cushion Solitaire Lab Diamond Engagement Ring
Jean Dousset

1. Bigger Is Better

Both Neal and Dousset have observed that bigger stones—specifically, diamonds—are trending. Dousset noted sizes as large as three or four carats, saying that the popularity of lab-grown diamonds has made bigger stones more accessible.

“Natural diamonds prevent most consumers from having a diamond size that looks best for the ring design due to the cost,” he says. “Bigger diamonds allow for the ring design itself to shine through. With natural diamonds, I have witnessed the misalignment between what size diamonds people desired and what the reality of their budget allowed them to purchase countless times. Lab-grown diamonds have been the great equalizer and have aligned these two realities.”

engagement ring trends 2024 quiet luxury
Jean Dousset

2. Quiet Luxury Takes Foothold

Thanks to Succession, quiet luxury has been everywhere and it’s finally trickling down to the jewelry industry. Dousset sees this turn as an evolution away from the heavy logos seen in the fashion space over the last few years.

“I am welcoming this societal push for a more tamed external message. Regarding engagement rings, we’re coming off a few years where the halo design was very popular, and now there is a desire for simpler settings with less ornate designs,” he notes. “Lab diamonds are only accelerating simple engagement ring designs. Natural diamond center stones have a way of pushing designers to enhance the overall look of the ring by adding more diamonds to make up for the limitation in their size. Now, with a larger center stone accessible to more consumers, we don't need to add on so much to make a statement.”

engagement ring trends 2024: oval cuts
Brilliant Earth

3. Ovals Are In

There are many diamond shapes, including round, princess, emerald and asscher, marquise, radiant and pear. Dousset attests to the staying power of round-cut diamonds, but says that oval shapes add a flattering, elongated look while maintaining the brilliancy of the round-cut diamond.

engagement ring trends 2024 gold bands
Bario Neal

4. Keep It Golden

In the past, platinum has been the metal of choice, said to be the most flattering companion to a diamond because it best brought out its sparkling appearance. However, Dousset says that yellow gold is gaining foothold for its happier hue. It’s also a much warmer tone, which is more flattering against the skin.

engagement ring trends 2024 lab diamonds
Jean Dousset

5. Lab Diamonds Are Here to Stay

Chatter around lab diamonds isn’t new, and Dousset says they’re here to stay, remaining popular with buyers.

“I cannot think of a single downside to the adoption of lab diamonds to create beautiful, affordable, luxurious jewelry,” he notes. “Lab-grown stones are resetting the scale of what diamond jewelry will cost consumers without exponential differences in carat weights or quality of diamonds.”

Because lab diamonds are less costly to produce, more people will have access to better-quality, larger stones. They’re also conflict free, which has been a long-standing issue for natural diamonds. But make no mistake. Lab diamonds might be less expensive than natural diamonds, but they’re still precious stones that run in the thousands of dollars. You just might get more bang for your buck.

engagement ring trends 2024 local gemstones
Bario Neal

6. Let’s Get Local

Last year there was a craze for semi-precious gemstones. While still popular, they’re nowhere near overtaking the popularity of diamonds in 2024. However, Neal shares that when it comes to stones, people are gravitating towards ethically- and locally- sourced pieces like Montana sapphires.

“Customers want to know the origins and story behind the materials they’re using to symbolize their love,” Neal explains. “There’s also been a growing demand for alternative or raw diamond cuts and colored precious gemstones like emeralds and sapphires.”

engagement ring trends 2024: champagne diamonds

7. Champagne Problems

One trend that fits right in with quiet luxury is the champagne diamond. "[It] provides a departure from tradition while maintaining a timeless elegance,” Neal says. She has observed increased interest in orange- and yellow- colored center stones. The champagne diamond is a real diamond, with hues running from brown to red and lukewarm champagne. During the mining process, diamonds are separated by color—clear ones are marketed as traditional diamonds. While prices are comparable, salt-and-pepper and champagne diamonds are darker in color, so you can often get away with a less-expensive, lower-quality diamond as the coloring hides imperfections in a way a clear diamond will not.

engagement ring trends 2023 brilliant earth toi et moi
Brilliant Earth

8. Toi, Moi, et Vous

The previous year saw a demand for the “toi et moi” setting, which is two center stones instead of one. All that’s left is to throw in the “vous” (you, plural, in French). "The trend of multiple stones continues to captivate couples seeking to represent the union of two partners or families coming together in marriage,” Neal says. “Couples are even opting for three, four and five stone cluster rings, especially when creating a custom design from heirloom stones that celebrate a rich narrative of milestones and family legacy.

engagement ring trends 2024 stacked engagement rings
Bario Neal

9. Two Is Better Than One (Band)

“Nontraditional bands with unique angles or stones and purchasing multiple bands remain a strong choice for those embracing individuality,” Neal shares. Indeed, one of PureWow’s editors got engaged earlier this year and came away with two engagement rings—one with a large marquise-cut diamond, and a simpler band she felt more comfortable wearing out and about. “The versatility of these bands offers various ways to accessorize, enabling wearers to curate combinations that reflect their personal style. For instance, pairing a slender band engagement ring with a broader wedding band (or two) provides a spectrum of wearable options. This flexibility caters to diverse and active lifestyles, allowing for stacked looks or singular statements based on the occasion or daily pursuits. We’re also seeing chunkier style engagement rings with an inset or bezel set stone, or a delicate solitaire, paired with a wider and heavier metal wedding band,” Neal notes.

engagement ring trends 2024: vintage ring. picture: bario neal Stellium Aquamarine with Diamond Halo Ring
Bario Neal

10. Blast From the Past

From Y2K to cottage core, Daisy Jones and Bridgerton, we can say with confidence that everyone is obsessed with vintage (like Bario Neal’s Art-Deco inspired Stellium ring). So, it’s no surprise that people are incorporating heirloom materials into their engagement ring designs.

“[It] not only adds sentimental value but also provides an accessible pathway to owning a custom designed ring that can be passed down for generations,” Neals says. “We anticipate their popularity to endure, given their blend of individualized and customizable features that resonate with our clientele.”

engagement ring trends 2024: unconventional cuts. pictured: bario neal Vertical Octagonal Emerald Ring
Bario Neal

11. Uncommon Cuts

Sure, you could opt for the round or princess cut...just like everyone else. Or, you could spring for something original.

“One trend we’re passionate about is the resurgence of using less conventional gemstone shapes,” Neal shares. “Uncommon cuts like the hexagon, kite or rose-cut diamonds offer a refreshing departure from traditional styles and breathe new life into engagement ring designs.”

She has also observed an uptick of interest in unconventional ring alignments. "We’ve seen a growing preference for east-west settings and the creative exploration of vertical alignment in cluster designs. It's a delightful departure from tradition that allows for unique storytelling and adds a contemporary flair to ring aesthetics.”

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