11 Engagement Ring Trends for 2023 That Will Make You Say ‘I Do’

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Beneath the glitter and glitz, shopping for an engagement ring is a serious task. After all, you’re choosing one piece of jewelry you’ll (hopefully) wear for the rest of your life. Not to mention the fact that an engagement ring will also hold a deep, symbolic meaning. When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, you want to get it right, but the options may feel overwhelming. Should you pick a lab-grown diamond? What about moissanite? Should you jump ship and go for a gemstone? (Sapphires are popular right now.) Gemstones aside, what type of metal band and setting will you choose? Pavé? Bezel? Cathedral? Solitaire? And then there’s the voice in the back of your mind wondering what everyone else is wearing. To make the decision process a little easier, we chatted with three jewelry experts about popular engagement rings to consider. But above all, they emphasized that at the end of the day, it’s not about the trendiest engagement ring ideas—it’s about what you want. Even it if seems crazy.

“We’ve seen customers put together multiple page documents as a definitive guide to what they want in a ring,” shares Janie Marshall, head of brand at Clean Origin. “Don’t be scared to be open about your preferences, and share what they are—saying things like, ‘I don’t like the tall diamond solitaire setting,’ or ‘I want a diamond that looks big’ can help point everyone in the right direction and ensure that you end up with a ring that you love for a lifetime.”

Jean Dousset, founder and CEO of his eponymous brand, echoes Marshall’s advice. “The style of the ring and shape of the diamond has to be [your] decision—only [your] decision. Your partner who isn’t wearing the ring shouldn’t influence what it ultimately looks like. They need to be supportive of [your] choices.” Dousset continues by encouraging the wearer not to second-guess themselves. “The ring that keeps circling through your mind as you explore all these different design options is your ring. Because of the magnitude of the choice, people tend to torture themselves by second-guessing their original preference. If there is a style or shape that consistently cycles through your decision-making process, that’s where you should focus.”

With all that said, here are the top engagement ring trends for 2023—all of which make us want to say “I do!”

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engagement ring trends clear origin soprano ring radiant cut
Clean Origin

1. Radiant-Cut Diamonds

You know the emerald, pear, oval and marquise cuts, but what about radiant? According to Dousset, a radiant-cut diamond is similar to an emerald, but is closer in brilliance to a round-cut diamond. “The popularity of radiant cuts continues to be on the rise—it’s such an elegant cut and can be personalized by making sure the style is more vintage or more modern, depending on the wearer,” he notes, adding, “We’re also seeing the elongated radiant attracting a lot of attention. These cuts are special because they can be designed to have a sort of heritage, vintage nod or be more modern and clean, such as a bezel set.”

engagement ring trends jean dousset olivia ring rose gold lab grown diamond
Jean Dousset

2. Lab-Grown Diamonds

Contrary to some misconceptions, lab-grown diamonds aren’t any different from the rock you pull out of the ground. “Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds—chemically, physically, molecularly—but without any of the environmental toll of traditional mined diamonds,” Marshall explains. Kathryn Money, SVP of merchandising and retail expansion at Brilliant Earth, notes that lab-grown diamonds have been especially popular with millennial and Gen Z buyers as an alternative that’s as beautiful but significantly more affordable. Because the designer can bypass the mining process, this means that a client can buy a larger stone without the same hefty price tag, according to Dousset. And it seems that this option is gaining traction. Dousset explains, “Lab-grown is now 10 percent of the diamond engagement ring market alone, and we are seeing much more openness to choosing lab-grown jewelry,” he notes. “We recently conducted an in-house customer survey and, compared to 2021, almost twice as many people reported being open to purchasing a lab engagement ring, and 75 percent of survey participants said they would purchase lab-grown jewelry.”

engagement ring trends 2023 brilliant earth pink lab diamond
Brilliant Earth

3. Colorful Diamonds

If you’re thinking about adding a splash of color to your engagement ring but don’t want to opt for a gemstone, we’re happy to proclaim that colored diamonds are in—and will be for the foreseeable future. “We’re seeing really exciting interest in pink and yellow diamonds, as well as heart-shaped white diamonds,” Marshall reveals. “All three of these options really enhance the romance factor, so we’re excited to see how these are worn and stacked with other bands and styles.”

engagement ring trends 2023 brilliant earth alexandrite
Brilliant Earth

4. Semi-Precious Gemstones

Maybe you love jewel tones and want a gemstone instead of a diamond. The good news is, there are options. From splashy (and expensive) to semi-precious (and more affordable), colored stones allow the wearer to impart some of their individuality and style into the engagement ring. Dousset explains, “Some consumers may want to divert their attention to semi-precious colored gemstones as center stones (such as tourmaline, citrine, peridot and spinel) rather than precious gemstones like rubies, sapphires or emeralds, which are out of reach for most due to their rarity. Colored gemstones can be a way to express your personality with your jewelry.”

In addition to the top-of-mind gems, Money called out a particular interest in alexandrite, a precious stone best described as a color chameleon—it changes hue based on the lighting. But if you’re looking for something a little more traditional, she also says that sapphires (of all colors) continue to be a popular pick. You can channel your inner Princess Diana.

engagement ring trends 2023 clean origin 3.5MM CLASSIC CHANNEL ETERNITY BAND
Clean Origin

5. Mixed-Metal Bands

“We think it’s really exciting to see how people express their style through mixed metals in engagement rings and wedding bands,” Marshall says. “It’s [so] subtle and delicate. One of our favorites for this option is the 3.5mm Classic Channel Eternity Band. And another mixed metal option to consider: Our Solon Ring allows customers to customize their setting and pick any color band they prefer, but our yellow gold option retains white gold prongs to add to the brilliance of the center stone.”

engagement ring trends 2023 brilliant earth toi et moi
Brilliant Earth

6. Multiple Stones

Why settle for one stone when you could have more? This 2023 engagement ring trend offers people the ability to mix and match stones for especially unique engagement rings. From cluster rings (we love Clean Origin’s Aurelia ring) to three-stone settings, there’s plenty of room to get creative.

Another design that’s gotten a lot of buzz (and will continue to do so) is the “toi et moi” setting. French for “you and me,” this design (which makes a great cocktail ring, by the way) is a sweet and creative way to give the illusion of a larger diamond. “Toi et Moi is definitely something that will continue to be popular into 2023,” Money shares. “People always say two is better than one! Toi et moi holds a lot of potential because you are not only picking two shapes, but you can also mix in a play of color to create something even more unique. Toi et moi rings are both trend-forward and symbolic.”

engagement ring trends 2023 brilliant earth Cinta Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring jpg
Brilliant Earth

7. Vintage Is Still Timeless

In 2023, many engagement ring trends will still pay homage to vintage looks, but Money reveals that buyers are finding more ways to add contemporary twists. Adds Dousset, “There is always an attraction towards something that has historical relevance or flair, in the same way that people buy antiques. Jewelry, just like fashion, revisits past styles.”

Marshall also reports the Art-Deco Asscher cut is having a moment right now. “Asscher cuts are particularly unique and require really high-quality diamonds, so it’s a beautiful cut to be gaining momentum.”

engagement ring trends Jean Dousset Nathalie Round Brilliant Yellow Gold
Jean Dousset

8. Simple Still Reigns Supreme

Sure, bigger can better, but in some cases, simple engagement ring styles are the way to go. For example, Dousset remarks that two of his most popular designs are the Nathalie and Colette rings, which are solid bands with a single, show-stopping center stone. However, simple isn’t a synonym for boring. Money dubs “understated elegance” as the trend to watch. “Solitaires with hidden halos or accents offer unexpected sparkle and surprise,” she explains. “We’ve also seen a lot of interest in three-stone rings, including those with unique accents shapes such as kite, marquis or trapezoid shaped diamonds. Overall, yellow gold has been trending as well as elongated fancy shapes like ovals and emeralds.”

brilliant earth moissanite engagement ring trends

9. Moissanite Still Holds a Charm for Engagement Rings

Moissanite has long been a popular diamond alternative as it delivers on the glitter at a fraction of the price. However, unlike lab-grown diamonds, which are real diamonds, moissanite has a different structure and is considered a type of diamond stimulant that produces what Money calls the “disco ball effect.” While beautiful, she cautions that moissanite is not for everyone. “They are compositionally and chemically different from diamonds, so their appearance is quite different from a diamond,” Money elaborates. “Moissanites exhibit a different kind of brilliance than diamonds do, as their faceting pattern is different. Moissanite emits fiery, rainbow flashes—especially in sunlight.”

engagement ring trends 2023 clean origin asscher
Clean Origin

10. Asscher Cuts

Harking back to vintage, Marshall sings the praises of the Asscher stone. “It’s so incredible, and lesser-known than emeralds,” she says. “This cut has been around for more than 100 years, and features a square shape, step cut and faceted corners—deliberately placed to increase light intake and sparkle. Because this cut doesn’t hide blemishes well, only top-quality diamonds can be used for an Asscher.”

engagement ring trends clean origin
Clean Origin

11. Nontraditional Bands and Settings

While the solitaire band endures, adventurous shoppers are opting for more adventurous styles. From a daring split shank solitaire to cigar band styles and east-west settings, there are many customization options that go beyond the stone. As for the metal? Money says that yellow gold has been top of mind. For those who really want their center stone to pop, Dousset recommends giving thought to the cathedral setting. “Twenty-one percent of our rings sold this year were cathedral settings, so this style is popular too. A cathedral setting is defined by arching lines or ‘shoulders’ on the band of the ring so that your center stone is elevated, giving it a distinct profile.”

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