4 Millennial Engagement Trends That Boomers Roll Their Eyes At

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So many things millennials do perplex their boomer parents—from babying their pets, to the obsession with Emily Oster to “peaceful parenting”—the older generation just can’t wrap their heads around these little idiosyncrasies. And it looks like the confusion translates to engagement trends too. From “She said yes!” Insta stories to proposal swapping, here are four millennial engagement trends boomers roll their eyes at.

 1. Social media proposal announcements

You may think your “She said yes!” announcement on Insta was super cute, but you know who thinks it’s a bit much? Your boomer mother who now has to field responses from her friends via their kids who follow you. Dubbed the “oversharing generation,” millennials are simply predisposed to want people in every aspect of their lives, and as we see on the socials every wedding season, that includes proposal announcements. Boomers, on the other hand, tend to believe in keeping things close to the vest. Unlike millennials who came of age with social media and whose lives are anchored on one platform or another, boomers are way less trusting, and therefore less likely to divulge personal information. This tradition-loving gen is more likely to find a Christmas card ornamented with your engagement photos a way more palatable announcement.  

 2. Picking the ring together

Once upon a time, grooms would ask their future brides’ friends or family members for what they thought she’d like then venture to the jewelry store by their lonesome, take a pick and hope for the best. Millennials, however, have completely upended this tradition as more and more couples are going ring shopping together. This has boomers going, huh? In fact, a study commissioned by the Natural Diamond Council found that a whopping 63 percent of couples picked their rings together, as opposed to just having the partner who was going to propose do it. Another study also found that though the partner who proposed made the final selection, both parties were involved in the process. For millennials, going ring shopping together ensures that the recipient gets the rock they want, but boomers may question if knowing a proposal is coming ruins the surprise.

 3. Obsessing over the ring

A survey conducted by WP Diamonds found that only 1.3 percent of boomers agreed that engagement rings were important to them (when compared to getting a car, house or traveling). In comparison, 9.3 percent of millennials agreed to the same. That means the notion of parading your ring and showcasing it to the world is a head-scratcher for the older gen. What may even be trippier for boomers are all the over-the-top, attention-grabbing, non-traditional stones displayed by millennials such as Megan Fox, Ariana Grande and Emily Ratajkowski. Ironically enough though, while the younger gen is super into the idea of getting an engagement ring, it’s actually the older gen that’s less likely to sell their bling when the going gets tough, the WP survey showed.

 4. Women proposing

Unlike tradition-keen boomers who may scoff at the idea of a woman proposing to a man in a heterosexual relationship, attitudes towards women who propose have completely shifted. Not only has society become a lot more open and the role of women is progressing, but when it comes to popping the question, men are also on board. A survey conducted by Glamour found that a staggering 70 percent of heterosexual men would totally be stoked if their counterparts asked for their hand in marriage. The only caveat: Skip the grand Yankee stadium jumbotron proposal and keep it nice and private.

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