7 Fashion Trends We’re Ready to Say Goodbye to This Fall

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If the past year has proven anything, it’s that predictability is illusory—especially when it comes to fashion trends. From the rise of quiet luxury and linen pants to boots of the UGG and cowboy varieties, you know the Project Runway saying…“One day you’re in, and the next, you’re out.” And as we look forward to fall fashion, we’ve decided to share the trends we think will—or at least should—get the boot. Below, seven trends we’re ready to say goodbye to for fall 2023, as well as the ones to embrace in their place.

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fashion trends out this fall: barbiecore, rich neutrals or bold reds and greens
Edward Berthelot / Christian Vierig / Contributor / Getty Images

1. Barbiecore

  • What to Wear Instead: rich neutrals or bold reds and greens

The return of Barbie pink hath been upon us for quite some time now (thanks, Greta Gerwig). With Margot Robbie making headlines in every which way for her role in Gerwig’s talk of the town Barbie—from her worries to her wardrobe—hot pink might be the only thing hotter than the weather this summer. And while we don’t anticipate seeing pink going anywhere soon, especially come Halloween, Barbiecore feels like a summer-specific trend. But worry not—if you can’t sacrifice pinks, there’s a subtler way to rock the color in smaller doses so you won’t be mistaken for a Pepto Bismol bottle. If Barbiecore speaks to your inner child, try soft, muted or dusty pinks as we begin to transition to fall. And if you aren’t headed to the movie theater for your third screening of the flick, instead of going full-on Barbie, we’re opting for rich neutrals or bold reds and greens.

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fashion trends out this fall: clutches, large satchels
Jeremy Moeller / Hanna Lassen / Contributor /Getty Images

2. Clutches

  • What to Wear Instead: large satchels

The current wave of timeless clutch bags began its comeback at the start of 2023, with publications like Vogue and Who What Wear predicting their rise, and the handle-less accessory has stuck around since. And while we adore our raffia clutches in summer months, the time has come for more practical things in the form of handbags with handles. Whether you’re juggling a few kiddos with a million and one toys or you simply want to bury your hands in warm pockets come those chilly fall days, justifying a  clutch as your everyday purse is tough—especially when you don’t have anywhere to place it at the restaurant dinner table. We’ll continue to keep our clutch collection stored away for special occasions, but in the meantime, large satchel bags are the way to go, people.

fashion trends out this fall: Trench Coats, barn coats
Melodie Jeng / Streetstyleshooters / Getty Images

3. Trench Coats

  • What to Wear Instead: barn coats

On the backs of fashionistas like Alexa Chung to royals and celebs like Katie Holmes and Kate Middleton, trench coats have had their moment every fall because they’re classic, people. While we don’t think the capsule piece will completely disappear (it’s really timeless), we do see it cooling off alongside temperatures. In fact, PureWow editors are predicting that barn coats will become the top classic outwear choice of 2023.

fashion trends out this fall: oversize fits, minimally tailored silhouettes
Edward Berthelot / Christian Vierig / Getty Images

4. Oversize Fits

  • What to Wear Instead: minimally tailored silhouettes

The year was 2022 and we saw gigantic ‘fits at the forefront of every gal’s spring look, with Instagram girly after Instagram girly sporting either a workout set, colossal blazer and New Balances or an oversize button-up and baggy jeans. And before you all come at us all at once with this one, you do you if you love an oversize blazer, but the baggy, I-borrowed-this-from-my-dad’s-closet look feels overdone and tired in 2023. Instead, we’re embracing minimally tailored silhouettes like we saw on the Akris Spring 2023 runway, which combine the relaxed style we’ve grown to love with a more refined, polished fit that’s sharp, sophisticated and downright easy to pull off. (That’s right, you don’t have to completely sacrifice your ‘80s-inspired blazer.) Take, for example, a belted chunky blazer or coat that can be styled in tons of different ways.

Shop Minimally Tailored Silhouettes

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fashion trends out this fall Abercrombie Fitch Tailored Relaxed Straight Pant
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fashion trends out this fall: vests, peplum tops
Edward Berthelot / Getty Images

5. Vests

  • What to Wear Instead: peplum tops

In spring and summer 2023, vest suiting entered the villa—not the Love Island villa, but the one made up of TikTokers, influencers, celebrities and models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Denim, pinstripe, sweater, utility, linen and the like were included in the vest game. And while you should always wear what makes you feel your best, we’re storing away our linen vests until next spring and replacing them with peplum tops from the early aughts, according to PureWow fashion editor Abby Hepworth’s predictions. Though she remains hesitant, Hepworth admits that, “It gives the look of an hourglass shape, glides over your stomach and hips and is wonderfully comfortable.” That’s why we’re excited to lean into the flirty style, which marry the relaxed and tailored look at the same time.

fashion trends out this fall: Chelsea Boots, loafers
Edward Berthelot / Contributor / Getty Images

6. Chelsea Boots

  • What to Wear Instead: loafers

Chelsea boots might be the one item in our closets that we wear almost as often as our underwear in the fall and winter months. They’re comfortable, sturdy, easy to slip on and they have a way of protecting our feet when we need it most. But hear us out when we pose the question: Have our beloved Chelsea boots peaked? Every fall, like clockwork, we assess the soles of our worn Chelseas, seeing the tattered tread, noticing the scuffs and convincing ourselves they haven’t yet seen their last days. Sometimes we even splurge on a fresh new pair that we know will do the job. But there’s a new kid (err…shoe) on the block, and they’re just as comfortable as our classic Chelsea boots. Enter: loafers. A stunningly androgynous shoe, the loafer a the jack of all trades with nearly unmatched versatility, transitioning from formal wear to casual styling with little to no effort.

fashion trends out this fall: Over-the-Top Y2K Looks, metallics
Edward Berthelot / Christian Vierig / Getty Images

7. Over-the-Top Y2K Looks

  • What to Wear Instead: metallics

Love it or hate it, but our Y2K closets made a big comeback the past few years. Pleated skirts, baguette bags, velour tracksuits, drugstore sunglasses, tie-front tops, sheer clothing, Canadian tuxedos, butterfly hairclips and those scarf tops you learned how to tie every which way on TikTok were practically everywhere you turned. While Gen Z hit the thrift stores in search of some now ‘vintage’ items, many millennials couldn’t shake the emotional baggage that came with the era’s fashions (we’re looking at you, low-rise jeans). Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about the loud embrace of individuality the Y2K resurgence restored in fashion, but we’ve found there are more sophisticated ways to elevate our wardrobe. Particularly, one that doesn’t remind us of our high school days. Take, for example, metallics—particlurarly ‘silver foil,’ or as our fashion editor deems it. The key is to balance the shiny pieces with staples you already own, like a button-up blouse or a denim jacket.

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